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TSRTC Employees Union Organizes ‘Chalo Bus Bhavan’ Protest on May 21, 2024

TSRTC Employees Union Organizes ‘Chalo Bus Bhavan’ Protest on May 21, 2024

The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) Employees’ Union, aligned with the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), has announced a significant protest named ‘Chalo Bus Bhavan’ on May 21. This protest aims to address several critical demands, including the swift completion of the TSRTC’s merger with the government.

Key Demands of TSRTC Employees Union

The TSRTC Employees’ Union has outlined a comprehensive charter of demands. These include the revival of trade unions within the public transport sector, ensuring the timely payment of salaries by the first of every month, the immediate settlement of the pending pay revision for 2017, job security for all TSRTC employees, and filling all existing vacancies to reduce the workload.

Revival of Trade Unions and Timely Salary Payments

One of the primary demands is the revival of trade unions in TSRTC. The union believes that active trade unions are essential for protecting employees’ rights and ensuring a collaborative work environment. Furthermore, they emphasize the necessity for salaries to be paid on the first of every month, which is crucial for the financial stability of the employees and their families.

Pending Pay Revision and Job Security

Another pressing issue is the immediate payment of the pending pay revision from 2017. This long-overdue revision has created financial strain for many employees. Alongside this, the union is demanding job security for all TSRTC employees. They argue that job security is vital for maintaining workforce morale and productivity.

Addressing Workforce Shortages and Reducing Workload

The union also highlights the need to fill all vacancies within TSRTC. The current workforce shortage has led to an increased workload for existing employees, affecting their health and work-life balance. By filling these vacancies, the union believes that the workload can be evenly distributed, leading to a more efficient and content workforce.

Call to Action: ‘Chalo Bus Bhavan’ on May 21

The TSRTC Employees’ Union has urged all its members to participate actively in the ‘Chalo Bus Bhavan’ protest on May 21 in Hyderabad. They aim to make this event a resounding success to draw attention to their long-standing demands and press for immediate action.

By organizing this protest, the TSRTC Employees’ Union seeks to highlight the urgent issues facing the employees and the need for the government to address their concerns promptly. The union is determined to fight for their rights and ensure that their voices are heard.

In conclusion, the ‘Chalo Bus Bhavan’ protest represents a significant effort by the TSRTC Employees’ Union to advocate for better working conditions, financial stability, and job security for its members. The success of this protest could pave the way for positive changes within TSRTC, benefiting both the employees and the public transport sector in Telangana.

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