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PRC Telangana 2023

PRC Telangana 2023

Appointment of PRC Telangana 2023, Pay Revision Committee for the State Government Employees Orders Issued GENERAL ADMINISTRATION G.O.Ms.No.159 Dated:02,10.2023. The Revision of Pay Scales is due from 01.07.2023 to the employees of the Telangana State Government. Government, after careful examination of the matter, hereby constitutes the Pay Revision Committee with the following composition: 1. Sri N.Siva Sankar, IAS (Retd) Chairman 2. Sri B.Ramaiah, IAS (Retd.) Member

  1. The following shall be Committee:
    1) The PRC should recommend that the Terms of Reference to the Pay Revision consider the following factors while framing their
    i. Current Pay Scales of Telangana Employees vis-a-vis Pay Scales of other State Government Employees & Government of India. ii. State Revenue growth, State Government commitments for ongoing and future investments, development programs and welfare schemes etc.
    2) PRC is advised to submit their report within six months.
  2. The supporting staff to the PRC & Budget shall be provided by the Finance Department.

Telangana Pay Revision Commission: New Developments and Implications

In a significant move, Telangana’s Chief Minister, K Chandrashekar Rao, has announced the formation of a Pay Revision Commission (PRC) tasked with the responsibility of revising the pay scales for State Government employees. The PRC will play a pivotal role in shaping the financial future of the government workforce in Telangana. Here, we delve into the details of this development, including key appointments, implications, and timelines.

The PRC’s Composition and Leadership

The newly constituted PRC will be under the able leadership of retired IAS officer N Shivshankar, who has been appointed as the Chairman. Alongside him, State Chief Secretary Santhi Kumari and retired IAS officer B Ramaiah will serve as members of the Commission. This team is expected to bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the task at hand.

A Tight Timeline for PRC Telangana 2023

The Commission has been given a tight deadline to submit its report to the Government, with just 6 months to complete its review and recommendations. This emphasizes the urgency and importance of this endeavor.

Financial Preparedness

Recognizing the financial implications of this decision, the State Finance department has received instructions to arrange the necessary funds and staff to ensure the smooth functioning of the PRC. This financial preparedness is crucial for executing the PRC’s recommendations effectively.

Employee Relief: A Dual Approach

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has recommended interim relief of 5% for employees. This move is significant, as it demonstrates the government’s commitment to addressing the concerns of its workforce promptly. Chief Secretary A. Santhi Kumari has already released orders to this effect, indicating the government’s swift action in this regard.

Balancing Act

Notably, this announcement comes at a time when the State government faces financial constraints due to the implementation of key flagship schemes like the crop loan waiver and Dalit Bandhu. Despite these challenges, the government is forging ahead with the PRC, signaling its commitment to the welfare of its employees.

Continuity from the Past

The constitution of this PRC follows the recommendations made by the first PRC, led by retired IAS officer C.R. Biswal, which were made effective from July 1, 2018. The government is now set to implement the new pay scales for its staff from July 1, 2023. This demonstrates a commitment to maintaining continuity and stability in the compensation structure for government employees.

Employee Expectations

It’s worth noting that the interim relief remains at the same level as announced ahead of the first PRC led by retired bureaucrat C.R. Biswal, even though employees were anticipating a more substantial increase. The government had previously provided notional benefits to staff, effective from July 1, 2018, while cash benefits were implemented from April 1, 2021.

Inclusivity Considerations

Expanding the scope of the PRC, the government is actively considering bringing Anganwadi teachers under its purview. This potential expansion could have significant financial implications, depending on the Commission’s decisions regarding the effective date for implementing new pay scales.

Government vide reference read above has constituted the Pay Revision Committee (PRC) to review the existing pay structure and allowances to State Government employees and give its recommendations in this regard as per terms of reference, within a period of Six months.

The government, after examination, has decided to sanction Interim Relief at the rate of five percent (05%) of the basic pay, pending submission of report by the Pay Revision Commission, to all State Government Employees and Pensioners, including the employees of the Local Bodies (PR and ULBs) and the Government Institutions receiving Grants-in-Aid from the Government, and Work Charged Employees, who are currently drawing pay in the Revised Scales, 2020.

Accordingly, the following orders are issued; a) Interim Relief will be paid at the rate of five percent (05%) of the basic pay I basic pension with effect from 1st October, 2023, The Interim Relief is admissible on Basic Pay as defined under FR 9(21) (a)(I). b) The Interim Relief sanctioned above shall be shown as a distinct element of remuneration which shall be adjusted against any benefit that may accrue to the employees I pensioners on account of revision of scales pay and other allowances as a result of the Government’s decision on the Report of the Pay Revision Commission.
c) The Interim Relief shall be applicable to all Government Employees / Pensioners, including the Employees of the Local Bodies (PR and ULBs) and the Government institutions receiving Grants-in-Aid and Work Charged Employees who are currently drawing pay in the Revised Scales, 2020.
d) The Interim Relief will not be admissible to the Officers of the Telangana State Higher Judicial Service, the Telangana State Judicial Service, All India Service Officers (AIS) and those drawing salaries/pension on UGC/ AICTE/ ICAR/ Government of India Pay Scales, contract staff, and staff of Societies, Autonomous Institutions, Public Sector Undertakings and all those not covered under categories mentioned at ‘c’ above.
e) The payment on account of Interim Relief involving fractions of fifty paisa and above shall be rounded off on the next rupee and a fraction of less than fifty paisa shall be ignored.
f) The Interim Relief sanctioned above shall not count for computation of Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance or any other Allowances, Encashment of leave, Pay Fixation, Pension or Gratuity, etc.,

The expenditure on sanction of Interim Relief shall be debited to the detailed Head “010. Salaries — 015. Interim Relief” under respective Major, Minor and Subheads of Account for Salaries and “040- 042. Pensions”.

All the Departments of the Secretariat and Heads of Departments are requested to take prompt steps to provide additional funds under the relevant Heads of Account.

Name of the GOsTS PRC 2023 Master Scale
TitleTS PRC 2023 Master Scale
SubjectTS Govt released TS PRC 2023 Master Scale
CategoryPay Slip

TS PRC 2023 Master Scale: An In-Depth Analysis

In a landmark move, the Chief Minister of Telangana fulfilled a pre-election promise by announcing the implementation of the 11th Pay Revision Commission (PRC) in the Assembly on March 22, 2023. This announcement comes with several significant changes, including an increase in the retirement age from 58 to 61 years old. This article delves into the details of the TS PRC 2023 Master Scale and its various segments, shedding light on its implications for a diverse range of employees.

A Sweeping Reform

The revised pay structure is poised to benefit a massive workforce comprising 9,17,797 State government employees, pensioners, teachers, contract and outsourced staff, VVs, KGBV and SSA staff, ASHA and Anganwadi workers, SERP employees, home guards, VRAs, VAOs, daily wagers, work-charged staff, and grant-in-aid workers. This reform aims to address the financial well-being of a wide spectrum of individuals.

Effective Date and Benefits

The TS PRC 2023 is set to take effect on April 1, 2023. Employees can anticipate not only their revised pay but also retirement benefits and any pending payments from the previous year. This timely implementation underscores the government’s commitment to providing financial relief and security to its employees.

Empowering Retired Employees

In a notable move, the government has reduced the age limit for extending the 15% additional quantum of pension from 75 years to 70 years. This alteration is particularly significant for retired employees, ensuring a more secure and comfortable retirement.

Enhanced Gratuity

The maximum gratuity payable to retired workers will see a substantial increase, rising from the current limit of 12 lakh to 16 lakh. This change recognizes the valuable contributions of employees and provides them with enhanced financial security during their retirement years.

Support for Pension Plan Enrollees

Employees enrolled in the contributory pension plan will now have the added benefit of a family pension. This ensures that their loved ones are financially supported in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Extended Maternity Leave

Acknowledging the importance of work-life balance, the Chief Minister also announced the extension of paid maternity leave for women employed by Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas (KGBVs). This move reflects the government’s commitment to women’s welfare and employment rights.

The TS PRC 2023 Master Scale

One of the key highlights of this reform is the introduction of the TS PRC 2023 Master Scale. This scale serves as a crucial tool for organizations seeking to streamline their pay structures. With the Master Scale, pay levels can be aligned more accurately with an employee’s skillset and experience, promoting fairness and equity in compensation.

Implications for Employers

Employers across Telangana will need to carefully consider the various segments of the Master Scale and how they apply to their workforce. This comprehensive reform opens up opportunities for organizations to attract and retain talent by offering competitive and fair compensation packages.

In conclusion, the TS PRC 2023 brings about a significant transformation in the pay scales and retirement benefits for a multitude of employees in Telangana. The introduction of the Master Scale signals a commitment to modernizing compensation structures and ensuring a brighter financial future for the workforce in the state. Employers and employees alike should closely examine the implications of these changes to make the most of this historic reform

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