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KCR Campaign Telangana 2023

KCR Campaign Telangana 2023

CM KCR’s 17-Day Campaign Blitz An In-Depth Look, CM KCR, KCR Campaign Telangana 2023, the leader of the BRS party, has embarked on an extensive campaign schedule ahead of the upcoming assembly elections. Over the course of 17 days, he plans to hold a total of 41 public rallies across various districts of Telangana. This strategic move aims to consolidate his party’s position and rally support from the masses.

KCR Campaign Telangana 2023 List

CM KCR’s campaign trail kicked off on October 15th in Husnabad, where he addressed a massive gathering of party workers and supporters. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable as he set the tone for his election campaign.

Day 1: Husnabad

The campaign began on a high note, with CM KCR addressing a fervent crowd in Husnabad. His powerful rhetoric and promises for the future resonated with the audience.

Day 2: Janagam, Bhuvanagiri

On October 16th, CM KCR continued his campaign in Janagam and Bhuvanagiri. The response from the people was overwhelming, reaffirming his popularity.

Day 3: Siricilla, Siddipet

Moving forward, on October 17th, CM KCR held rallies in Siricilla and Siddipet, further expanding his reach among the electorate.

Day 4: Jadcherla, Medchal

The momentum continued on October 18th, as CM KCR addressed the crowd in Jadcherla and Medchal, focusing on regional issues that matter to the people.

Day 5: Achampet, Nagar Kurnool, Munugodu

On October 26th and 27th, the campaign covered Achampet, Nagar Kurnool, and Munugodu, showcasing the party’s commitment to addressing the concerns of various regions.

Day 6: Palem, Station Ghanpur

The campaign schedule for October 29th included rallies in Palem and Station Ghanpur, highlighting the party’s presence across Telangana.

Day 7: Kodad, Thungathurthi, Aleru

CM KCR continued his relentless campaign on October 30th, visiting Kodad, Thungathurthi, and Aleru, connecting with voters on local issues.

Day 8: Jukkal, Banswada, Narayanakhed

November 1st marked CM KCR’s campaign in Jukkal, Banswada, and Narayanakhed, demonstrating his dedication to reaching every corner of the state.

Day 9: Sathupalli, Illendu

The campaign reached Sathupalli and Illendu on November 2nd, further strengthening the party’s grassroots support.

Day 10: Nirmal, Balkonda, Dharmapuri

On November 3rd, CM KCR addressed rallies in Nirmal, Balkonda, and Dharmapuri, showcasing his commitment to diverse communities.

Day 11: Bhainsa (Mudhol), Armur, Korutla

The campaign on November 5th covered Bhainsa (Mudhol), Armur, and Korutla, where CM KCR reiterated his vision for the state.

Day 12: Kothagudem, Khammam

On November 6th, the campaign moved to Kothagudem and Khammam, garnering support from every corner of Telangana.

Day 13: Gadwal, Makthal, Narayanapet

Continuing the momentum, CM KCR addressed the public in Gadwal, Makthal, and Narayanapet on November 7th.

Day 14: Chenuru, Manthani, Peddapalli

November 8th saw rallies in Chenuru, Manthani, and Peddapalli, reinforcing the party’s presence in every district.

Day 15: Sirpur, Asifabad, Bellampalli

The campaign’s penultimate day, November 9th, featured rallies in Sirpur, Asifabad, and Bellampalli, further boosting the party’s electoral prospects.


CM KCR’s 17-day campaign blitz is a testament to his commitment to the people of Telangana. With a carefully crafted schedule that covers every district, he aims to address the concerns of diverse communities and secure their support in the upcoming elections. His energetic and strategic campaign is set to leave a lasting impact on the political landscape of the state.

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