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EC’s Conditional Approval for Telangana Cabinet Meeting

EC’s Conditional Approval for Telangana Cabinet Meeting

Telangana Cabinet Meeting: EC Grants Conditional Approval

The Election Commission (EC) has granted conditional approval for the Telangana Cabinet meeting, setting specific guidelines for the agenda. Only urgent matters that need to be addressed before June 4th can be discussed, excluding issues such as agricultural loan waivers and the joint capital status.

EC’s Conditional Approval for Telangana Cabinet Meeting

The Election Commission has approved the Telangana state cabinet meeting with specific conditions. The EC emphasized that only urgent matters must be discussed before June 4th, explicitly stating that topics like the agricultural loan waiver and joint capital matters should not be addressed.

Cabinet Meeting Postponement

The cabinet meeting, initially scheduled to take place at the state secretariat on Saturday, had to be postponed. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and his ministers arrived at the secretariat, prepared to participate in the meeting. However, they waited from noon until evening without receiving the necessary permission from the EC. As a result, the meeting was deferred at 7 PM.

Key Issues on the Agenda

Several critical issues were on the agenda for the postponed cabinet meeting. These included discussions on agricultural loan waivers, procurement of paddy, planning for Kharif crops, and other significant matters related to farmers. Additionally, the meeting aimed to plan the celebrations for Telangana Formation Day on June 2nd, marking a decade since the state’s establishment. The Chief Minister also intended to discuss pending issues between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana under the reorganization act.

EC’s Restrictions and Impact

Due to the EC’s recent directives, many of these crucial topics will not be discussed in the cabinet meeting. The restrictions imposed by the EC are aimed at ensuring the discussions remain focused on immediate and pressing concerns that require attention before the specified deadline.

Telangana Formation Day and Pending Issues

The meeting was also set to plan for Telangana Formation Day celebrations, highlighting the state’s achievements over the past ten years. Moreover, the cabinet was expected to deliberate on unresolved matters between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as per the reorganization act. However, the EC’s restrictions will limit the scope of these discussions.


The Telangana Cabinet meeting’s postponement and the EC’s conditional approval underscore the importance of adhering to regulatory guidelines while addressing urgent state matters. The state government remains committed to resolving critical issues within the stipulated timeframe while complying with the EC’s directives.

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