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Revanth Reddy Announces Payment Date for Mahalakshmi Scheme Get Ready for 2500 Rs Financial Assistance

Revanth Reddy Announces Payment Date for Mahalakshmi Scheme Get Ready for 2500 Rs Financial Assistance

Introduction to the Mahalakshmi Scheme

The Mahalakshmi Scheme, a groundbreaking financial assistance initiative, Revanth Reddy Announces Payment Date for Mahalakshmi Scheme: Get Ready for 2500 Rs Financial Assistance. This scheme promises to provide Rs. 2500 monthly to the women of Telangana, aiming to enhance their financial stability and empowerment. The implementation date has been eagerly awaited and is set to follow the upcoming Lok Sabha election results.

Guarantee Schemes Benefiting Telangana

Since taking office, CM Revanth Reddy has launched several guarantee schemes aimed at improving the lives of Telangana’s residents. These include the Indiramama Indlu, Gruha Jyoti, Mahalakshmi Scheme for free travel, affordable LPG cylinders at Rs. 500, and Rythu Bharosa for farmers. Each of these initiatives has contributed to the state’s socio-economic development, and now the Mahalakshmi Scheme is set to further this progress.

Details of the Mahalakshmi Scheme

The Mahalakshmi Scheme is designed to provide monthly financial support to women, offering Rs. 2500 to help enhance their economic independence and overall well-being. This initiative is not only a step towards financial stability but also a significant move towards women’s empowerment in Telangana.

Implementation Timeline

As of now, the Mahalakshmi Scheme has not been rolled out. However, CM Revanth Reddy has indicated that the first installment will be distributed soon after the elections. The Congress party plans to announce the detailed procedure in July, coinciding with the release of the initial payments.

Political Reactions and Election Influence

The announcement of the Mahalakshmi Scheme has sparked political debates, with opposition leaders criticizing CM Revanth Reddy’s guarantee schemes. In response, the Chief Minister has expedited the release of the Mahalakshmi Scheme to demonstrate his commitment to the welfare of Telangana’s women.

Anticipated Impact on Women

The financial assistance provided by the Mahalakshmi Scheme is expected to have a profound impact on the lives of women in Telangana. By offering Rs. 2500 monthly, the scheme aims to improve their economic conditions, thereby enhancing their ability to contribute to household income and achieve greater financial independence.

Telangana Budget 2024-25: Revanth Reddy-led Government Allocates Rs 53,196 Crore for Six Key Poll Guarantees

Overview of the Telangana Budget

The newly elected Congress government, led by CM Revanth Reddy, has proposed an ambitious budget for the financial year 2024-25, with a total outlay of Rs 2.75 lakh crore. This budget, presented by Deputy Chief Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, allocates Rs 2.01 lakh crore for revenue expenditure and Rs 29,669 crore for capital expenditure.

Key Allocations for Poll Guarantees

A significant highlight of the budget is the Rs 53,196 crore earmarked for implementing six major poll guarantees. This allocation represents about one-fourth of the total revenue expenditure. These guarantees aim to uplift various sectors and provide substantial benefits to the people of Telangana.

Breakdown of Poll Guarantee Allocations

  1. Free Bus Travel for Women: The government has initiated free bus travel for women across Telangana, with a monthly expenditure of Rs 300 crore.
  2. Arogya Sri Health Coverage: The coverage under the Arogya Sri health scheme has been doubled to Rs 10 lakh from the previous Rs 5 lakh.
  3. Gruha Jyoti Scheme: To offer up to 200 units of free electricity to eligible households, the Gruha Jyoti scheme has received a budget provision of Rs 2,418 crore. Additionally, Rs 16,825 crore has been allocated to Transco and distribution companies to ensure 24-hour free power supply to farmers.

Comprehensive Sectoral Allocations

Agriculture and Irrigation

The budget dedicates Rs 19,746 crore to the agriculture sector, focusing on the review and implementation of the Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bharosa schemes. This includes a payment of Rs 15,000 per acre to eligible farmers. An additional Rs 28,024 crore is allocated for irrigation projects, prioritizing those that can be completed with minimal expenditure to bring more land under irrigation.

Rural Development and Welfare

The Panchayat Raj and Rural Development department has been allocated Rs 40,800 crore, with Rs 21,874 crore designated for various rural development projects. For Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Welfare, Rs 13,313 crore has been earmarked, while Rs 8,000 crore is allocated to Backward Classes Welfare. This includes Rs 1,546 crore for constructing buildings for BC residential schools.

Education and Health

The Education department has been allocated Rs 21,389 crore, which includes Rs 500 crore for improving infrastructure across universities, including Osmania University. The Medical and Health sector has received Rs 11,500 crore. Additionally, Rs 1,000 crore is set aside for constructing new buildings for SC schools and Rs 250 crore for ST school buildings.

Six Key Poll Guarantees Detailed

  1. Mahalakshmi Scheme:
    • Monthly financial assistance of Rs 2,500 for women.
    • Gas cylinders at Rs 500 each.
    • Free travel for women on TSRC buses across the state.
  2. Rythu Bharosa:
    • Annual payment of Rs 15,000 for farmers and tenant farmers.
    • Annual payment of Rs 12,000 for agricultural laborers.
    • A Rs 500 bonus for paddy crop.
  3. Gruha Jyoti:
    • 200 units of free electricity for eligible households.
  4. Indiramma Indlu:
    • House site allocation and Rs 5 lakh for those without homes.
    • 250 sq yards plot for Telangana movement fighters.
  5. Yuva Vikasam:
    • Vidya Bharosa Cards worth Rs 5 lakh for students.
    • Establishment of Telangana International Schools in every mandal.
  6. Cheyutha:
    • (Details to be outlined separately)


The Telangana budget for 2024-25, with its comprehensive allocations and focus on six key poll guarantees, demonstrates the Revanth Reddy-led government’s commitment to fulfilling its election promises. By prioritizing sectors such as agriculture, rural development, welfare, education, and health, the government aims to achieve the dream of “Bangaru Telangana” and improve the quality of life for its residents.

The Mahalakshmi Scheme represents a significant effort by CM Revanth Reddy and the Congress party to support and empower the women of Telangana. With the first installment set to be released in July, following the Lok Sabha election results, this initiative is poised to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless women across the state. The scheme underscores a commitment to not only economic support but also the broader goal of empowering women through financial independence and stability.

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