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Bengaluru Rave Party Raid CCB Finds Drug Use at Farmhouse, Telugu Actress, MLAs Attendees

Bengaluru Rave Party Raid CCB Finds Drug Use at Farmhouse, Telugu Actress, MLAs Attendees

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) team raided a rave party at the G.R. Farmhouse near Electronic City in Bengaluru. The raid, conducted at 3 AM, uncovered drug use among the attendees. Notably, Telugu actress Hema was reportedly present at the party. Bengaluru Rave Party Raid CCB Finds Drug Use at Farmhouse, Telugu Actress, MLAs Attendees.

Major Raid in Bengaluru’s Electronic City

In the early hours of the morning, the CCB’s Anti-Narcotics Division executed a raid on the G.R. Farmhouse following a tip-off about a birthday celebration that had exceeded its permitted time. The party, organized by Vasu from Hyderabad, was held at a property owned by Gopal Reddy. This event, which began as a birthday party, turned into a late-night rave, prompting the police intervention.

Notable Attendees and Seizures

Among the 100 participants from Andhra Pradesh and Bengaluru, over 25 young women, including several models and tech professionals, were present. Despite media reports, actress Hema has denied her attendance, claiming she was in Hyderabad during the incident. The police also discovered an MLA pass belonging to Andhra Pradesh legislator Kakani Govardhan Reddy in a Mercedes-Benz at the scene, raising further questions about high-profile involvement.

Drug Seizures and Arrests

During the raid, the CCB seized 17 MDMA pills and cocaine, highlighting the illegal activities taking place. Additionally, more than 15 luxury cars, including Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and Audi models, were found near the farmhouse, emphasizing the event’s upscale nature.

Law Enforcement Response and Investigation

The Electronic City police have registered a case and are conducting a thorough investigation into the incident. The party, which was scheduled to last from 5 PM Sunday to 6 AM Monday, was halted by the CCB raid. The ongoing police efforts include the use of narcotics sniffer dogs to inspect the scene and identify all participants involved.

The Impact of the Raid

This incident underscores the persistent issue of illegal drug use and unauthorized gatherings in Bengaluru. The involvement of notable personalities and the luxurious setting of the event have drawn significant attention to the case. As investigations proceed, authorities are likely to intensify their crackdown on such activities to maintain order and safety in the city.

The raid’s exposure of high-profile attendees and the substantial financial outlay for the event, estimated between 3 to 5 million rupees, further illustrate the seriousness of the illegal activities. The police’s swift action and ongoing investigations aim to deter similar future events and reinforce the rule of law in Bengaluru.

Major Raid in Bengaluru Suburbs

In the early hours of Sunday, police raided a farmhouse on the outskirts of Bengaluru following a tip-off about a birthday party that had turned into a rave. The gathering, which had drawn over 100 attendees, was abruptly interrupted as law enforcement officers took control of the scene.

High-Profile Attendees and Seizures

Among those detained were several well-known Telugu TV actors and models, adding a layer of celebrity intrigue to the event. Notably, a car at the scene bore a sticker linked to Andhra Pradesh Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy, though his direct involvement remains unclear.

Drug Seizures and Arrests

The police reported the seizure of various drugs, including 17 grams of MDMA pills and cocaine. This discovery underscored the illegal activities taking place at the party. In addition to the narcotics, authorities confiscated 15 luxury cars, including Jaguars and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, underscoring the high-profile nature of the attendees.

Police Action and Investigation

The Electronic City police arrested five individuals and registered a case to delve deeper into the network behind this event. The ongoing investigation aims to uncover further details about the drug distribution and the organization of such illicit gatherings.

Conclusion: A Stark Reminder

This raid serves as a stark reminder of the growing issue of drug abuse and illegal gatherings in metropolitan areas. The involvement of celebrities only highlights the pervasive reach of these problems. As investigations continue, the authorities are likely to intensify their efforts to crack down on such activities, aiming to uphold law and order in the region.

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