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9 Promises Made by Donald Trump

9 Promises Made by Donald Trump

Foreign Drug Crisis: Donald Trump’s Plan to Combat Drug Trafficking

In Donald Trump’s election campaign, he made a significant promise to tackle the foreign drug crisis that was devastating American lives. The infiltration of lethal drugs and criminal activities across the open borders posed a severe threat to the nation’s safety and well-being. In this article, we will delve into the details of Trump’s plan to combat drug trafficking and his commitment to protecting American citizens.

Pouring of Lethal Drugs and its Consequences

The illegal drug trade had reached alarming levels during that time, resulting in the loss of countless American lives. Families were torn apart, communities were decimated, and innocent children were left without parents. Donald Trump recognized the urgency of the situation and vowed to address it with utmost determination.

Waging War on Drug Cartels

Trump viewed drug cartels as a significant threat to the United States and its people. He strongly believed that it was time for America to wage war on these criminal organizations, just as they had done against ISIS and the ISIS caliphate. By adopting a policy similar to their approach to ISIS, which involved a robust border and low drug rates, Trump aimed to show no mercy to the cartels.

Strengthening Border Security

The cornerstone of Trump’s strategy was to restore strong border security, which he believed was crucial in curbing drug trafficking. Trump emphasized the importance of a well-fortified border, asserting that it was the strongest in the history of the country just two years prior. By ensuring a secure border, he aimed to significantly reduce drug-related activities and maintain the safety of American citizens.

Naval Embargo and International Cooperation

To impose maximum pressure on the cartels, Trump pledged to deploy all necessary military assets, including the U.S. Navy, to impose a full naval embargo. This approach had been previously employed and yielded successful results. Furthermore, he intended to leverage the Department of Defense’s capabilities, such as Special Forces and cyber warfare, to inflict substantial damage on cartel leadership, infrastructure, and operations.

Designation of Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Trump’s plan involved designating major cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, thereby severing their access to global financial systems. By taking this step, he aimed to disrupt their operations and diminish their influence. Additionally, Trump sought to establish unprecedented partnerships with neighboring governments to tackle the menace collectively.

Collaboration with Mexico and Curbing Corruption

Acknowledging Mexico’s challenges with the cartels, Trump aimed to forge a strong partnership with the Mexican government. He recognized the violence and brutality inflicted by the cartels in Mexico and pledged to provide assistance to stymie their operations effectively. Trump emphasized the need for cooperation among governments and vowed to expose any corruption that allowed cartels to preserve their reign.

Legislation for Stronger Penalties

Donald Trump expressed his intention to request Congress to pass legislation that would ensure drug smugglers and human traffickers receive the death penalty. He firmly believed that the drug cartels, along with their allies in the Biden Administration, had caused immense harm to millions of families and individuals. Holding them accountable through severe penalties would be a crucial step in eradicating their influence.

Restoring Public Safety and Reclaiming Communities

Trump recognized the urgent need to address the deteriorating law and order situation in American cities. He criticized the defunding of the police and the resulting rise in crime rates. To restore public safety, he proposed significant investments in hiring, retaining, and training police officers across the nation. Trump also emphasized the importance of common-sense policing measures, cracking down on illegal drugs, and cooperating with immigration authorities to remove criminal aliens from the streets.

Reforming Education and Empowering Parents

Another important aspect of Trump’s campaign promises was to reform the education system and empower parents. He advocated for cutting federal funding for programs promoting critical race theory, gender ideology, or inappropriate content. Trump aimed to open civil rights investigations into school districts engaged in race-based discrimination and emphasized the need to protect judeo-christian teachings. Additionally, he proposed measures to ensure transparency in curriculum and support school choice initiatives.

Dismantling the Deep State and Government Corruption

Donald Trump expressed his commitment to dismantling the deep state and addressing government corruption. He pledged to remove rogue bureaucrats, clean out corrupt actors in national security and intelligence agencies, and reform institutions to prevent biased enforcement of laws. Trump emphasized the importance of holding individuals accountable and protecting the integrity of government departments. Furthermore, he proposed term limits for members of Congress to ensure fresh perspectives and reduce the influence of entrenched political interests.


Donald Trump’s election campaign promises aimed to tackle pressing issues such as drug trafficking, public safety, education reform, and government corruption. While some of these initiatives were realized during his presidency, others faced challenges and were not fully implemented. However, Trump’s vision for a secure, prosperous, and accountable America resonated with many, and his commitment to these issues sparked discussions and debates that continue to shape the nation’s future.

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