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Turkey’s President to Back Sweden Joining NATO

Turkey’s President to Back Sweden Joining NATO

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed support for Sweden’s bid to join NATO, Turkey’s President to Back Sweden Joining NATO raising the stakes and adding an extra demand in exchange for Turkey’s openness to Sweden’s accession. The discussions over Ukraine’s future membership in NATO will dominate the two-day summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, where leaders from various countries have gathered. While the concluding statement of the summit does not fully endorse Ukraine’s pathway to NATO membership or address their potential joining post-war, it remains a topic widely supported by Ukraine’s staunchest allies.

The Importance of Ukraine’s Membership

The German and American views on Ukraine’s potential NATO membership have become a significant point of discussion at the summit. While there is acceptance on all sides that Ukraine’s membership should be considered once the war and conflict subside, Ukrainian President Zelensky has been clear in his commitment to joining NATO and expects a direct and concrete focus on this goal. Failure to acknowledge this commitment would be poorly received in Kiev.

The issue of membership extends beyond Ukraine, as Sweden’s desire to join NATO has come into the spotlight. Turkish President Erdogan has taken the opportunity to raise the stakes, suggesting that if the door to the European Union (EU) is opened for Turkey, then Sweden’s accession to NATO could follow suit. However, it is important to note that the EU and NATO are separate organizations, and the two should not be directly linked.

Reactions and Frustrations

The additional demand from President Erdogan regarding Sweden’s NATO membership has been met with disappointment and frustration. Senior US senators present at the summit expressed disappointment with Erdogan’s request, highlighting Turkey’s importance as a member of NATO. Nevertheless, they hope that Erdogan will reconsider his demand and engage in negotiations with other leaders to reach an agreement.

Sweden’s Potential Contributions

Supporters of Sweden’s accession emphasize the importance of their military capabilities, including their extraordinary military strength, robust industrial base, and naval capacities in the Arctic and maritime arena. These factors are seen as valuable assets that Sweden could bring to NATO. Sweden’s accession to NATO is viewed as crucial, particularly considering the strategic challenges in the Arctic region and potential threats posed by Russia and China.

Weapon Supply Challenges and Cluster Munitions

Discussions at the summit have also focused on the supply of weapons to Ukraine. There have been reports of discrepancies between the commitments made on weapon supply and the actual delivery. President Biden acknowledged the shortages both in Ukraine’s front line and within the American arsenal. The aim is to consolidate the individual countries’ supply mechanisms and NATO’s strategic approach to ensure effective and coordinated support for Ukraine’s defense.

The issue of cluster bombs has also been raised, with concerns about their use and potential consequences. These small bombs pose risks, including civilian casualties and long-term hazards. While there are differing views within NATO regarding the use of cluster munitions, it is unlikely to change the US position on the matter.

Positive Developments: Erdogan’s Support for Sweden

In a significant development, President Erdogan has indicated his support for Sweden’s NATO accession. While his decision requires parliamentary approval in Turkey, this announcement marks progress toward Sweden joining NATO. Sweden’s accession has been viewed positively due to its professional military, innovative weapon systems, and strategic importance in the Arctic region.

Building Relationships and Coordination

President Biden’s visit to the UK before arriving in Lithuania aimed to strengthen relationships and coordinate efforts with allies. The discussions primarily focused on Ukraine and China, addressing disagreements and finding common ground. The visit demonstrated Biden’s ability to build rapport and foster closer relationships with allies, emphasizing the importance of coordination in addressing global challenges.


The ongoing summit in Vilnius provides an opportunity for leaders to discuss Ukraine’s potential NATO membership and Sweden’s desire to join the alliance. Turkey’s President Erdogan has added an extra demand in support of Sweden’s accession, further raising the stakes. While challenges persist regarding weapon supply and the use of cluster munitions, positive developments such as Erdogan’s support for Sweden joining NATO offer hope for increased cooperation and a stronger alliance.

Disclaimer: This article is a product of SEO-focused copywriting and does not reflect current real-world events or political decisions. It is purely fictional and created for the purpose of the given writing prompt.

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