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Telangana Government to Implement PM Kisan Model for Crop Loan Waiver

Telangana Government to Implement PM Kisan Model for Crop Loan Waiver

The Telangana government is gearing up to introduce the PM Kisan Yojana’s operational framework to facilitate a comprehensive crop loan waiver scheme. This initiative, aimed at alleviating financial burdens on farmers, aligns with Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy’s commitment to fulfilling electoral promises before Independence Day.

Adopting PM Kisan Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria

Under the proposed scheme, eligibility will follow PM Kisan norms, excluding former and current MPs/MLAs, income tax payers, retired government employees, and individuals receiving a pension exceeding Rs 10,000 per month. The definition of a beneficiary family remains consistent with PM Kisan, encompassing spouses, minor children, and landholders with up to two hectares of cultivable land.

Implementation Strategy

The state cabinet is set to convene shortly to discuss the adaptation of PM Kisan guidelines. Officials have initiated dialogues with finance and agriculture departments to refine the eligibility criteria and ensure effective implementation.

Data Collection and Precautions

Officials are mandated to compile a comprehensive list of farmers with loans not exceeding Rs 2 lakh from Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies (PACS). Stringent measures are being advised to prevent discrepancies in determining eligibility dates.

Key Recommendations

Preparing Financial Estimates

Ahead of the scheme’s rollout, meticulous planning includes estimating the requisite financial outlay and compiling detailed farmer profiles to facilitate seamless loan waivers.

Learning from Past Schemes

Drawing from successful precedents in Telangana and other states, officials are studying previous loan waiver schemes to glean best practices and optimize implementation strategies.


How will the PM Kisan guidelines impact eligibility?

The guidelines set by PM Kisan will restrict eligibility based on income thresholds and professional status, ensuring that only economically vulnerable farmers benefit.

What steps are being taken to ensure transparency?

Officials are emphasizing data accuracy and the timely compilation of farmer records to mitigate errors and ensure transparency in the loan waiver process.

When can farmers expect the implementation of this scheme?

The state government aims to finalize operational guidelines promptly after the upcoming cabinet meeting, potentially enabling swift implementation.

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