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Telangana Assembly Elections 2023 Finding Your Polling Station

Telangana Assembly Elections 2023 Finding Your Polling Station

In the vibrant political landscape of Telangana, the electoral fervor surrounding the Assembly Elections (TS Elections) has reached its zenith. The Election Commission (EC) has diligently orchestrated all arrangements to facilitate seamless polling.

Rigorous Checks Across the State

To thwart any attempts to influence voters, stringent measures have been implemented. Raids are being conducted to seize unaccounted cash, alcohol, jewelry, and other materials. Notably, this election has introduced a groundbreaking opportunity for citizens aged 80 and above to cast their votes from the comfort of their homes, with the state allocating a budget of Rs. 150 crore for election management.

Delving Deeper into TS Election Statistics

Demographic Breakdown of Voters

  • Total Voters Nationwide: 3,26,02,799
  • Male Voters: 1,62,98,418
  • Female Voters: 1,63,01,705
  • Transgender Voters: 2,676

Age-Specific Participation

  • Voters Aged 18-19: 9,99,667

Candidature Landscape

A total of 2,290 candidates are vying for 119 Assembly seats across the state. Among them, 221 are women, 2,068 are men, and one identifies as transgender.

Election Day Dynamics: Noteworthy Points

  • Liquor Shops Closed Until 5 PM on the Previous Day.
  • Anticipated Voter Turnout Exceeding 3.26 Crore.

Polling Infrastructure

  • 35,655 Polling Centers Statewide.
  • 644 Model Polling Stations to Ensure a Smooth Voting Experience.
  • Special Arrangements in Polling Stations for Differently-abled Individuals.

Special Categories

  • 21,686 Wheelchairs Provided for Voters with Disabilities.
  • Free Transportation for 80-Year-Old Voters.
  • Braille Slips and Sample Ballots Available for Visually Impaired Voters.

Security Measures

  • 1,85,000 Personnel Deployed in Polling Booths.
  • 22,000 Micro Observers Monitoring the Election Process.
  • 597 Polling Centers Managed by Women.
  • 120 Polling Centers Operated by Differently-abled Individuals.

Noteworthy Timings on Election Day

  • Polling Commences at 7 AM for 13 Sensitive Districts.
  • Polling Concludes at 4 PM for the Same Districts.
  • In 106 Other Districts, Voting Continues Until 5 PM.

Telangana Assembly Elections on November 30, every voter’s participation is crucial for the democratic process. To ensure a seamless voting experience, it is essential for voters to be well-informed about their designated polling stations and the necessary documents to carry. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions, essential information, and key details to empower voters in making their voices heard.

How to Find Your Polling Station

  1. Visit the National Voters’ Services Portal
    • Access the official website of the National Voters’ Services Portal to initiate the search process.
  2. Fill in the Required Details
    • Provide essential personal details such as name, father’s name, age, gender, state, district, and assembly constituency.
  3. Click ‘Search’
    • Execute the search by clicking the ‘Search’ button, and you will receive detailed information about your polling station, including the address and part serial number.

Essential Documents for Casting Your Vote

To cast your vote in the Telangana elections, ensure you have the following documents:

  • Voter information slip
  • Government-issued identification documents

However, please note that certain items are strictly prohibited inside polling stations:

  • Cellphones
  • Earphones
  • Cameras
  • Smartwatches

Ensuring a Secure and Fraud-Free Election

In a proactive measure against fraudulent voting practices, approximately 600 polling stations have been identified as potential hotspots for bogus voting. To maintain a secure environment, surveillance cameras have been strategically installed outside these identified polling stations by the authorities of the election commission.

On the day of the elections:

  • The city will witness the establishment of 300 police pickets and vehicle checking points.
  • Special teams, including the striking force, special striking force, and quick reaction team, will be deployed at sensitive locations to ensure the smooth conduct of the electoral process.

Additional Information

  • Election Results to be Announced on Thursday, December 3.

In conclusion, the electoral landscape in Telangana is poised for a historic day, with meticulous preparations ensuring a fair and inclusive democratic process. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the election results that will shape the political future of the state.

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