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Missing Bengaluru boy found in Hyderabad

Missing Bengaluru boy found in Hyderabad

A missing 12-year-old boy from Bengaluru, Parinav, is found safe in Hyderabad after 3 days. The heartwarming discovery highlights the power of community support and swift police action. Read the full story for details and insights into this hopeful outcome.

Missing Bengaluru Boy Found in Hyderabad After 3 Days: A Case of Hope and Community Effort

Relief washes over family and authorities as 12-year-old Parinav, missing since Sunday’s tuition class, is traced to Hyderabad.

Bengaluru, Karnataka: In a heartwarming development, a 12-year-old boy who went missing from Bengaluru on Sunday, January 21st, has been found safe in Hyderabad on Tuesday night, January 23rd. Parinav, a student at Deens Academy, Gunjur Branch, had vanished after attending a coaching session at the Allen Career Institute in Whitefield.

The Search and the Serendipitous Discovery:

Concerned family members reported Parinav missing after he failed to return home. Bengaluru city police launched a comprehensive search, forming dedicated teams to trace the boy’s whereabouts. CCTV footage revealed Parinav boarding a BMTC bus from Marathahalli Bridge to Majestic bus station on Sunday afternoon. His last known location was captured at Majestic on Sunday evening.

The breakthrough came unexpectedly on Tuesday night. A woman residing in Hyderabad, who had previously worked in Bengaluru, spotted Parinav near the Nampally metro station after recognizing him from social media posts shared by his family. She promptly informed the family and authorities, leading to a joyous reunion.

Questions and Ongoing Investigation:

While the discovery brings immense relief, questions remain regarding Parinav’s journey to Hyderabad and his means of sustenance during the three-day period. The investigation is ongoing, aiming to understand these aspects and ensure Parinav’s safe return to his family.

Community Support Plays a Crucial Role:

The swift discovery of Parinav highlights the power of community support in such situations. The widespread sharing of social media posts and the vigilance of the Hyderabad resident played a pivotal role in his safe recovery.

A Beacon of Hope:

This case serves as a beacon of hope for families grappling with missing loved ones. It emphasizes the significance of community involvement, swift police action, and the unwavering spirit of families in navigating such challenging situations.

Discovering Parinav’s Journey from Bengaluru to Hyderabad

In a heart-wrenching incident, a 12-year-old boy named Parinav, studying at Deens Academy in Gunjur, Bengaluru, went missing after leaving his coaching center. The distressing situation took a positive turn when he was located at a metro station in Hyderabad three days later.

The Disappearance

Parinav’s worried family reported him missing on January 21, as he failed to return home from his coaching center. The last known sighting was at the Majestic bus station at approximately 4:15 pm, as captured by CCTV footage reviewed by the local authorities.

Social Media’s Vital Role

Social media emerged as a crucial tool during the search for Parinav. Concerned individuals widely shared his pictures, hoping for any information about his whereabouts. The family anxiously awaited news, relying on the collective efforts of compassionate strangers.

A Fortuitous Encounter

The breakthrough came when a Bengaluru resident, visiting Hyderabad, recognized Parinav on the metro. Comparing images on her phone with the missing boy, she confirmed his identity. Swift action followed, leading to the detainment of Parinav at the Nampally metro station by the local police.

Reuniting with Family

Sukesh, Parinav’s father and a software engineer residing in Whitefield, expressed gratitude, saying, “We don’t know the exact details of how he ended up there. We are now rushing to Hyderabad to pick him up and will update you once we know all the details. But I really want to thank all those nameless strangers who helped us in finding my boy.”

Emotional Messages

Parinav’s mother, in a video plea that circulated widely on social media, thanked everyone involved in the search. The emotional rollercoaster finally found its resolution, as the family set out to Hyderabad to reunite with their Class 6 student.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How did Parinav reach Hyderabad? The investigation is underway to determine his travel route and means.
  • Was he harmed during his absence? Thankfully, Parinav is reported to be safe and unharmed.
  • What will happen next? Parinav will be reunited with his family, and the police will continue their investigation.

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