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Unlock the future of healthcare with eSanjeevani! Learn about the registration process, features, and benefits: access virtual consultations and prescriptions from specialist doctors. Join the health revolution today at

Unlocking Health Access: A Comprehensive Guide to eSanjeevani Registration and OPD Booking


The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has pioneered a revolutionary initiative, the eSanjeevani Portal, allowing citizens to access doctor consultations right from their smartphones. The eSanjeevani 2.0 Portal offers a range of services, including Outdoor Patient Registration and Tele-consultation. In this guide, we delve into the eSanjeevani Registration process and provide insights into the portal’s features, ensuring you make the most of this innovative healthcare service.

eSanjeevani Registration: A Gateway to Virtual Healthcare

The Government of India, through the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, consistently launches welfare schemes for citizens’ convenience. The eSanjeevani Portal, an embodiment of this commitment, offers services like Outdoor Patient Registration and Doctor’s Access via smartphones or web portal. To embark on this health journey, complete eSanjeevani Registration Online at

Steps for eSanjeevani Registration:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the signup button.
  3. Register using your ABHA Card or Mobile Number.
  4. Fill in basic details and book your appointment.
  5. Access teleconsultancy and prescriptions from specialist doctors.

Exploring eSanjeevani 2.0 Features

The eSanjeevani 2.0 Portal boasts a range of features to enhance your virtual healthcare experience:

  1. Online OPD Booking: Registered beneficiaries can conveniently book OPD appointments online.
  2. Choice of Specialists: Access 126 specialist doctors available on the portal.
  3. Teleconsultation: Receive expert advice and diagnosis through online booking.
  4. Digital Prescriptions: Download prescriptions and obtain medicines from the nearest chemist.

eSanjeevani ECHS Registration for Central Government Employees

The eSanjeevani portal extends its services to Central Government Employees through the ECHS. Follow these steps to complete the eSanjeevani ECHS Registration:

  1. Gather essential documents: ECHS Card, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, and ABHA Card.
  2. Download the app and complete the registration process online.

eSanjeevani HWC Teleconsultation

Beneficiaries can avail of eSanjeevani HWC Teleconsultation by following these simple steps:

  1. Complete online registration.
  2. Book your OPD appointment online.
  3. Choose from 126 specialist doctors available online.
  4. Attend the scheduled teleconsultation, receive prescriptions, and download e-prescriptions for medicine procurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When was the eSanjeevani Portal launched?
eSanjeevani Portal was launched in October 2023.

Q2: How to complete eSanjeevani Registration?
Visit to complete the registration.

Q3: What documents are required for eSanjeevani Registration?
You need ABHA Card, Aadhaar Card, and Mobile Number to complete the registration.


eSanjeevani is a groundbreaking initiative, bringing healthcare to your fingertips. By following the simple registration process, you can unlock a world of virtual healthcare services. Embrace the future of healthcare with eSanjeevani!

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