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Lok Sabha election 2024 Opinion Poll in Telangana

Lok Sabha election 2024 Opinion Poll in Telangana

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Opinion Poll in Telangana State as of February 2024, The upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Telangana promise a thrilling political battle, with a recent South First-Peoples Pulse tracker poll throwing a curveball into the mix. While the Ram temple’s inauguration lingers in the background, Congress unexpectedly takes the lead, raising eyebrows and igniting strategic re-evaluations within the competing parties.

Beyond the Headlines: Key Factors to Watch:

While the poll offers a snapshot of the current landscape, several factors hold the potential to swing the tides:

  • Issues: Price rise, unemployment, and agricultural concerns remain top-of-mind for voters. Their perception of the government’s handling of these issues will significantly influence their voting decisions.
  • Performance: Reviews of the Modi government’s performance are mixed, with 22% finding it “good” and 39% deeming it “bad.” This sentiment could impact the BJP’s prospects.
  • Ram Temple Impact: Despite its recent inauguration, the temple’s influence appears limited, suggesting that voters weigh other factors more heavily.

Congress Surges Despite BJP’s Ram Temple Euphoria

In the dynamic landscape of Telangana politics, the latest South First-Peoples Pulse Lok Sabha Tracker Poll unveils intriguing projections, with the Congress taking the lead despite the BJP’s euphoria over the Ram temple. Let’s delve into the intricate details shaping the political scenario in Telangana.

Congress Holds Strong Position Amid BJP’s Ram Temple Fervor

Despite the fervent atmosphere surrounding the Ram temple, the BJP seems poised to maintain its 2019 performance rather than surpass it, with projections indicating a range of two to four seats in the upcoming 2024 elections. Conversely, the BRS exhibits a marginally more favorable projection of three to five seats. However, this isn’t a cause for celebration for the BRS, especially considering its dip from nine members in the 2019 Lok Sabha.

Challenges Ahead for BRS in Lok Sabha election 2024

With the recent setback in the Assembly polls, the BRS faces a daunting task to prevent further decline in its political standing.

Poll Insights: Congress, BJP, and BRS in Comparison

The poll, conducted between 11 February and 17 February by Peoples Pulse in collaboration with South First, surveyed a substantial sample size of 4,600 individuals. Comparing party performance with the Assembly elections reveals significant insights.

Congress Poised for Retention

The Congress demonstrates resilience, securing a majority in nine Lok Sabha segments, while the BRS claims six. In contrast, the BJP, victorious in eight seats, takes the runner-up position in 19, predominantly in Hyderabad.

Vote Share Projections

Projections suggest that the Congress is likely to maintain its vote share from the Assembly elections, hovering around 40 percent. Conversely, the BJP may witness a notable increase from 13.9 percent to 23 percent, primarily attributed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s influence.

Congress Leads on Voting Parameters

The tracker poll forecasts the Congress’s lead across various demographics, including age groups, communities, gender, and geographical regions. Notably, there’s a notable shift of Muslim voters from the BRS to the Congress, indicating a strategic move by 52 percent of Muslim voters towards the grand old party.

Governance Ratings

Despite being in power for less than three months, the Congress garners favorable ratings, with approximately 34 percent rating its governance as good and 33 percent deeming it acceptable. However, the satisfaction levels among voters emphasize the need for sustained performance.

BJP’s Regional Influence

Although the BJP’s presence extends significantly across specific regions like Adilabad, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, and Hyderabad-Ranga Reddy, its influence in reserved constituencies remains subdued, garnering only single-digit vote shares in SC and ST-reserved areas.

Brand Modi’s Resilience

Despite regional variations, Narendra Modi maintains a substantial lead over Rahul Gandhi in prime ministerial preference, garnering support from 34 percent of survey participants.

Critical Issues and Public Perception

The poll underscores key concerns among voters, with price rise, unemployment, MSP of crops, housing, and health emerging as prominent issues. While a portion acknowledges the government’s performance as satisfactory, there’s a significant contingent dissatisfied with the status quo.

Methodological Insights

The meticulous methodology employed in the tracker poll ensures a comprehensive reflection of ground realities across Telangana’s political spectrum, encompassing diverse demographics in its sampling strategy.

In essence, the South First-Peoples Pulse Lok Sabha Tracker Poll offers invaluable insights into the evolving political landscape of Telangana, portraying a nuanced narrative of party dynamics, voter sentiments, and emerging trends that could shape the upcoming elections.

Insights into Telangana’s Lok Sabha Elections 2024 – People’s Pulse Analysis

The Lok Sabha elections of 2024 are looming, and with both the opposition and ruling alliance solidifying their strategies, the focus narrows down to a few pivotal states that could significantly sway the election outcome. Among these states, Telangana, nestled in the southern part of India, emerges as a key battleground. In the recent assembly elections, the Congress clinched victory, while the BJP witnessed a notable surge in its vote share compared to previous polls. Notably, both national parties made substantial gains at the expense of regional players like Bhat Rashtra Sui, formerly known as Telangana Rashtra Samiti.

Analyzing the State of Affairs

In a recent episode of “State of Play,” we delve into the findings of a comprehensive tracker poll conducted by People’s Pulse in collaboration with South First, shedding light on the prevailing sentiments in Telangana leading up to the Lok Sabha elections. This tracker poll, which ran from the 11th to the 17th of February, encompassed a diverse sample of 4,600 individuals, spanning various demographics including gender, geography, occupation, and age groups.

Congress: A Dominant Force

According to the insights gleaned from the People’s Pulse tracker poll, the Congress appears to maintain its momentum following its triumph in the Telangana assembly elections. Projections indicate that the Congress is poised to secure approximately 8 to 10 out of the 17 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana. Despite the BJP’s commendable efforts and a notable doubling of its vote share, the tracker poll suggests that the saffron party is likely to maintain its current seat range. On the other hand, BRS, despite boasting the highest number of Lok Sabha candidates and MPs in Telangana, is anticipated to face setbacks, with expected seat tallies ranging between three to five.

Shifts in Voter Preferences

Analysis of voter preferences reveals intriguing patterns. The Congress appears to enjoy heightened support across various demographics, particularly among minorities and female voters. Notably, a significant portion of minority voters, previously aligned with BRS, is now inclining towards the Congress, signaling a potential shift in allegiance. Moreover, the Congress garners substantial backing among women, emerging as the preferred choice for 42% of female respondents surveyed.

Challenges and Opportunities

While the Congress maintains a strong foothold, both the BJP and BRS confront distinct challenges. Dissatisfaction with incumbent MPs poses a significant hurdle for these parties, particularly in light of the BJP’s inability to secure victories for its candidates in the previous assembly elections. Anti-incumbency sentiments loom large, with approximately 40% of respondents expressing discontent with their representatives.

Implications for the BJP and BRS

The BJP’s electoral prospects are closely intertwined with its performance in regions where it holds sway, notably Northern Telangana. However, its vote share remains concentrated, limiting potential gains. Moreover, the BJP faces stiff competition from BRS in these areas, setting the stage for a triangular contest. Despite this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to command significant popularity, with a sizable portion of respondents endorsing him as their preferred choice for prime minister.

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