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Kanti Velugu eye camps 2023

Kanti Velugu eye camps 2023

Kanti Velugu: Revolutionizing Eye Care in Telangana

Discover the impact of the Kanti Velugu eye camps 2023 initiated by the Telangana government, aimed at improving the vision care of its citizens through free eye exams and treatments. Learn about the benefits of this landmark initiative.

The South Indian state of Telangana has taken a major step towards enhancing the quality of vision care for its citizens with the launch of the groundbreaking program, Kanti Velugu. This commendable endeavor seeks to cater to the eye care needs of those who lack access to adequate healthcare services and resources. The first phase of this program was a tremendous success, having provided benefits to over a hundred thousand people, and the second phase is expected to attract even more participants.

The Importance of Eye Care

Regular eye exams and check-ups are crucial in maintaining optimal vision and preventing various eye-related ailments. With the increasing exposure to electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and others, the significance of frequent eye exams has become even more critical.

The Kanti Velugu Initiative

The Telangana government launched the Kanti Velugu program with the aim of providing free eye care services to its citizens. The program is divided into two phases, the first of which focuses on offering free eye exams and check-ups to the people. In the second phase, the government plans to provide free surgeries and treatments to those who require it.

The program is executed through a network of eye care centers, equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities. This enables physicians to identify potential issues and provide effective treatments to the citizens.

The Advantages of Kanti Velugu

The Kanti Velugu program offers several advantages to the citizens of Telangana, including:

  • Improved Vision Care: The program aims to raise the standard of vision care for the citizens of Telangana through free eye exams and check-ups.
  • Early Detection of Eye-related Problems: Regular eye exams and check-ups are crucial in detecting potential problems early on, helping prevent the progression of the issue and avoiding severe consequences.
  • Access to Affordable Eye Care: Many individuals, particularly those from low-income groups, cannot afford eye care services. The Kanti Velugu program offers them access to quality and affordable eye care services.
  • Reduced Burden on Public Hospitals: The program also aims to alleviate the pressure on public hospitals by providing quality eye care services through its network of eye care centers.

Government of Telangana embarked on a Noble Project of achieving “avoidable blindness free” status by conducting a Comprehensive and Universal Eye Screening for the entire population of Telangana under the title “Telangana Kanti Velugu”.

2. The salient features of ”Telangana Kanti Velugu” are:-
i. Universal Eye Screening to be done for all the citizens of Telangana.
ii. All cases that require correction of Refraction Errors, Spectacles to be distributed
free of cost
iii. Surgeries will be organised in all cases of Cataract, Glaucoma, Retinopathy, corneal disorders etc.,
iv. All services will be provided free of cost

3. Accordingly, a detailed programme has been drawn up, to conduct Eye Camps in the State which will be on the following Eye ailments and will be treated as a part of Universal Eye Care.
Refraction Errors
Vitamin A Deficiency
Eye infections
Corneal Disorders
Diabetic Retinopathy

i. Each Camp will be conducted by a Medical team, comprising of a Medical Officer, 2-3MPHS (Male) & (Female), 1-2 Optometrists, Pharmacist, 2-3 ASHA Workers and a Data Entry Operator.

ii. Each team will be equipped with the requisite devices, material and drugs to provide services;

iii. Camps will be conducted in all Gram Panchayats in Rural areas and in all wardsin Urban areas. In each camp, data of all the persons walking in for treatment will be captured electronically on a specially developed software so as to accurately track follow up services for surgery as well as distribution of glasses.

FAQs about Kanti Velugu

Q: Who can avail of the services offered by Kanti Velugu? A: The Kanti Velugu program is open to all citizens of Telangana.

Q: Is the program only limited to eye exams and check-ups? A: No, the program also offers free surgeries and treatments in the second phase for those who require it.

Q: What is the purpose of the Kanti Velugu program? A: The purpose of the Kanti Velugu program is to enhance the quality of vision care for the citizens of Telangana, especially those who lack access to adequate healthcare services and resources.


The Kanti Velugu program launched by the Telangana government is a landmark initiative in improving eye care in the state. By offering free eye exams and check-ups, the program aims to enhance the vision care of its citizens and provide access to affordable and quality eye care services to those in need. The success of the first phase and the ongoing second phase demonstrates the program’s positive impact on the lives of the people in Telangana and its continued success


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