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Help Locate Nitheesha Kandula CSUSB Police and LAPD Seek Information

Help Locate Nitheesha Kandula CSUSB Police and LAPD Seek Information

Missing person alerts are crucial in ensuring the safety and swift return of individuals who have disappeared. Recently, California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have issued an urgent appeal for information regarding the whereabouts of Nitheesha Kandula. If you have any information, please contact (909) 537-5165 immediately.

Who is Nitheesha Kandula?

Nitheesha Kandula is a dedicated student at CSUSB, known for her academic excellence and vibrant personality. She has been an active member of the university community, participating in various clubs and organizations. Her sudden disappearance has left her peers and professors deeply concerned.

Timeline of Events

The last known sighting of Nitheesha was on the evening of May 25, 2024, on the CSUSB campus. She was seen leaving the library around 8 PM, heading towards her dormitory. Friends and family reported her missing when she failed to return home and did not answer her phone.

Investigation Efforts

The CSUSB Police Department, in collaboration with LAPD, has launched a thorough investigation. They have been working tirelessly, canvassing the campus, interviewing witnesses, and analyzing surveillance footage. Other agencies have also joined the search to ensure a comprehensive effort in locating Nitheesha.

Public Appeal

Community involvement is vital in cases like this. Authorities are urging anyone with information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to come forward. Every detail can make a difference in the search for Nitheesha. If you know anything, please contact (909) 537-5165.

Impact on the Community

Nitheesha’s disappearance has had a profound emotional impact on her family, friends, and the university community. Vigils and prayer meetings have been organized, reflecting the collective hope for her safe return. The university has been actively supporting those affected by this distressing situation.

Preventative Measures for Campus Safety

CSUSB has robust safety protocols in place, including regular patrols, emergency call boxes, and safety apps. The university advises students to always be aware of their surroundings, travel in groups after dark, and report any suspicious activity immediately.

Support Resources

The university provides counseling services for students and staff coping with the emotional stress of this event. Helplines and support groups are available to offer guidance and comfort during this challenging time.

Role of Social Media

Social media has played a pivotal role in spreading awareness about Nitheesha’s disappearance. Hashtags like #FindNitheesha and #CSUSBAlert have been trending, helping to reach a broader audience. Sharing these posts can amplify the search efforts.

Similar Cases and Lessons Learned

Past incidents at CSUSB and other institutions have highlighted the need for continuous improvements in safety measures and response protocols. Each case provides valuable insights that help enhance future procedures and prevent similar occurrences.

Legal Aspects

Missing person cases are handled with great sensitivity and urgency. There are specific legal procedures in place to protect the rights of missing individuals and assist in their recovery. Understanding these protocols can aid in supporting the investigation.

How to Stay Safe

Personal safety tips include staying vigilant, using well-lit paths, and keeping emergency contacts handy. Familiarize yourself with campus safety resources and report any concerns promptly.

Community Support Initiatives

Various community support initiatives, such as fundraisers and awareness campaigns, have been launched to aid in the search for Nitheesha. These efforts not only provide financial assistance but also keep the community united and focused on bringing her home.

Future Steps in the Investigation

Authorities continue to pursue every lead, conducting searches, and engaging with experts. They are committed to using all available resources to locate Nitheesha and ensure her safe return. The community’s continued support remains crucial in these efforts.


Nitheesha Kandula’s disappearance is a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and community solidarity. We urge everyone to stay alert, share information, and support the ongoing search efforts. If you have any information, please contact (909) 537-5165. Let’s work together to bring Nitheesha home.

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