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Dharani Portal Telangana Revamp: Raymond Peter IAS

Dharani Portal Telangana Revamp: Raymond Peter IAS

In a strategic move to enhance the functionality of the Dharani Portal Telangana Revamp: Raymond Peter IAS, the Government of Telangana has established a dedicated committee. This initiative, outlined in the recent G.O.Ms.No. 3 dated January 9, 2024, by the Revenue (Land Administration.I) Department, aims to address concerns and undertake a comprehensive restructuring of the DHARANI portal.

Committee Composition for DHARANI Portal Enhancement

The newly formed committee boasts a diverse composition, bringing together individuals with expertise in various domains. The committee members include:

  1. Sri M. Kodanda Reddy: A seasoned professional with a wealth of experience.
  2. Sri Raymond Peter, IAS (Retired): A retired IAS officer, bringing administrative insights.
  3. Sri Sunil, Advocate: Legal expertise to navigate intricate issues.
  4. Sri B. Madhusudan, Special Grade Deputy Collector (Retired): Specialized knowledge in land administration.
  5. Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (Member Convener): A pivotal role ensuring coordination and efficiency.

Collaborative Efforts for DHARANI Portal Restructuring

The committee urges full cooperation from the Officers of the Revenue Department concerned. Their collaborative efforts will play a crucial role in the successful execution of the DHARANI portal’s restructuring. Additionally, the committee has the authority to co-opt Collectors and Revenue Officers if deemed necessary, ensuring a comprehensive examination of the matter.

Task at Hand: Examining and Recommending

The committee is tasked with a thorough examination of the DHARANI portal, identifying potential areas for improvement, and proposing effective solutions. The primary objective is to make recommendations to the government promptly, emphasizing a streamlined and efficient DHARANI portal.


The Telangana government’s proactive step in constituting this committee reflects its commitment to optimizing the DHARANI portal for better functionality and user experience. As the committee begins its work, it stands poised to make significant contributions to the enhancement of the DHARANI portal, ultimately benefiting the citizens and stakeholders involved. Stay tuned for updates on the committee’s findings and recommendations, as Telangana paves the way for a more efficient and effective land administration system.

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