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BRS Leader Aravind Alishetty in the Crosshairs of CCS Police

BRS Leader Aravind Alishetty in the Crosshairs of CCS Police

Aravind Alishetty, a prominent leader of the BRS party, finds himself at the center of a legal storm,BRS Leader Aravind Alishetty in the Crosshairs as the CCS police take him into custody. This article delves into the unfolding saga, shedding light on the recent arrest and the allegations surrounding the BRS leader.

The Arrest

Aravind Alishetty, currently in police custody, is facing charges related to a staggering Rs. 5 crore embezzlement accusation. The CBI police made the arrest based on a complaint filed by a Bangalore-based company, which claims significant financial losses due to fraudulent activities orchestrated by Alishetty.

The Allegations

The core allegations revolve around Alishetty’s involvement in a scam linked to the Mid-Day Meals Scheme. Allegedly, he manipulated records and embezzled funds, causing substantial financial damage to the Bangalore company. The intricate web of deceit also involves the creation of a fictitious individual to siphon off additional funds.

Connection to Previous Scandals

Alishetty’s arrest follows a series of investigations into corruption within the government, with prominent leaders facing scrutiny for embezzlement. The CCS’s focus on Alishetty stems from his alleged role in defrauding a company of Rs. 5 crore, adding to the growing list of politicians facing legal repercussions.

Legal Proceedings

With the CBI stepping in, legal proceedings are set to unfold. Alishetty’s arrest is a significant development, and the legal system will now determine the extent of his involvement in the alleged financial misappropriation. The case is expected to be closely monitored by both political observers and the general public.


As the controversy surrounding Aravind Alishetty continues to unravel, it casts a shadow on the BRS party. The arrest and subsequent legal proceedings will undoubtedly shape the political landscape, influencing public perception and trust. Stay tuned for further updates on this gripping saga, as the CBI delves deeper into the allegations against the BRS leader.

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