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CM Revanth Reddy Strict Measures Against Celebrities in Drug Case

CM Revanth Reddy Strict Measures Against Celebrities in Drug Case

Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has issued a stern directive, emphasizing that no leniency will be shown to celebrities involved in drug cases, regardless of their status. He has also suggested the establishment of specialized anti-drug teams if necessary.

Formation of Anti-Drug Teams if Necessary

During a high-level review meeting held at the Command Control Center in the Hyderabad Police Commissionerate building, CM Revanth Reddy discussed the state’s anti-drug measures with senior officials, including Chief Secretary Shantikumari and DGP Ravi Gupta. He was briefed on the actions and progress made by the Telangana Anti-Narcotic Bureau in eradicating drug activities within the state.

Enhancing Anti-Drug Operations

CM Reddy urged the officials to intensify their efforts against the proliferation of drugs like marijuana and other narcotics. He stressed the need for proactive and vigorous action, including special drives in suspected areas and strict surveillance at the borders. The CM emphasized dismantling the drug supply network and acting decisively to instill fear among those involved in drug trafficking. He assured that the government would provide all necessary support to enforce strict measures, aiming to create a state where the mention of drugs evokes fear.

Promoting Effective Performance

He also encouraged recognizing and promoting officials who demonstrate exceptional performance in this mission. The CM’s vision is to make Telangana a drug-free state, setting an example for other states with the initiatives undertaken by the Telangana Anti-Narcotic Bureau.

Unified Disaster Management System

CM Revanth Reddy also highlighted the need for a unified disaster management system for Hyderabad. He instructed the preparation of a comprehensive plan by June 4, bringing various departments under a single umbrella for efficient disaster management. This system should function 365 days a year, with each government department assigning a responsible officer.

Zero Tolerance for Negligence

He warned against negligence in desilting operations and ordered the removed silt to be transported to quarry areas. Post-election code, he plans to conduct surprise inspections and will not tolerate any laxity in work. Proactive measures, such as barricading open cellar pits, must be implemented to prevent accidents. CM Reddy stressed the importance of maintaining Hyderabad’s reputation and demanded permanent solutions for flood-prone areas, especially in the Cantonment region.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Power Supply

Additionally, he directed that measures be taken to ensure uninterrupted power supply and warned that any negligence would be met with strict action. The CM promised recognition and promotions for diligent workers, reinforcing that hard work and dedication would be rewarded.

First Visit to the Command Control Center

For the first time since becoming Chief Minister, Revanth Reddy visited the Telangana Integrated Command Control Center. Despite several planned visits being postponed, he finally toured the center on Saturday. He was welcomed by the Chief Secretary and the DGP, who guided him through various sections and explained their operations.

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