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Apply for Surya Ghar Yojana in Telangana 2024

Apply for Surya Ghar Yojana in Telangana 2024

Learn how to avail the benefits of the PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana, a scheme initiated by the central government to promote solar energy adoption among households. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the application process and how to obtain the subsidy of ₹78.

Understanding PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana

PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana, also known as the Solar Rooftop Scheme, aims to encourage the installation of solar power systems on rooftops of residential buildings. The central government provides subsidies to individuals adopting solar energy solutions under this scheme. Since its inception in 2023-24, the government has allocated a budget of ₹75,021 crores for this initiative.

Eligibility Criteria and Subsidy Details

Under this scheme, beneficiaries are divided into two categories based on their electricity consumption:

  • For households with a capacity of up to 2 kilowatts, 60% subsidy is provided on the total cost, and for units exceeding this limit, 40% subsidy is applicable.
  • The installation cost of a 3-kilowatt solar power plant is approximately ₹1.45 lakhs, out of which the government provides a subsidy of up to ₹78 per watt. The remaining amount can be financed through bank loans at a nominal interest rate.

Calculating Cost and Benefits

To estimate the expenses and benefits of installing solar panels on your rooftop, consider the following factors:

  • For households consuming 0-150 units per month, a 1-2 kilowatt rooftop solar system is recommended, ensuring significant savings on electricity bills.
  • Those consuming 150-300 units per month should opt for a 2-3 kilowatt capacity plant, providing adequate power generation and potential earnings through net metering.
  • Households exceeding 300 units per month can install a solar system above 3 kilowatts capacity, with a subsidy of ₹78 per watt.

Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for the scheme seamlessly:

  1. Register on the PM Surya Ghar portal ( by providing necessary details such as state, electricity provider, consumer number, mobile number, and email address.
  2. Log in using your consumer number and mobile number.
  3. Apply for rooftop solar installation under the ‘Rooftop Solar’ section.
  4. Upon completing the application, await approval from the authorities. Once approved, proceed with the installation of the solar plant.
  5. After installation, submit installation details on the portal for verification.
  6. Upon successful verification, the commissioning certificate will be issued.
  7. Submit your bank account details along with canceled checks on the portal. Subsidy amount will be credited to your account within 30 days.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly apply for the PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana and harness the benefits of solar energy while contributing to a sustainable future.

PM – Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana: A Boon for Residential Electricity

Residential households in India now have a reason to rejoice with the advent of the PM – Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana. This initiative by the government aims to provide subsidy support for the installation of rooftop solar plants, ensuring access to affordable and sustainable electricity.

Subsidy Structure for Residential Households

Under this scheme, residential households can avail themselves of substantial subsidies based on the capacity of the rooftop solar plant installed:

  • Up to 2 kW Capacity: Rs. 30,000 per kW, totaling Rs. 60,000.
  • Additional Capacity up to 3 kW: Rs. 18,000 per kW, capped at Rs. 78,000.
  • Systems Larger than 3 kW: Subsidy capped at Rs. 78,000.

Determining Suitable Rooftop Solar Plant Capacity

The suitability of the rooftop solar plant capacity is primarily based on the average monthly electricity consumption in units. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 0-150 Units: A rooftop solar plant capacity of 1 to 2 kW is recommended, with subsidy support ranging from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 60,000.
  • 150-300 Units: Optimal capacity is between 2 to 3 kW, with subsidy support ranging from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 78,000.
  • Above 300 Units: For consumption exceeding 300 units, a rooftop solar plant with a capacity above 3 kW is advisable, ensuring a subsidy of Rs. 78,000.

How to Apply

Online applications for availing the benefits of the PM – Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana can be conveniently submitted through the National Portal at This streamlined process ensures easy access to subsidies, promoting the widespread adoption of rooftop solar energy among residential consumers.

Empower your household with clean and affordable electricity through the PM – Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana today!

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