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50 percent Reservation for Men in TSRTC Buses

50 percent Reservation for Men in TSRTC Buses

TSRTC Considering Options for Male Passengers

In a surprising turn of events 50 Percent Reservations for Men in TSRTC Buses, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) is now considering introducing reservations for men in buses. fifty percent of the seats on TSRTC ordinary and express buses within Hyderabad city, including metro buses, will be designated for male passengers. However, this reservation policy will not apply to luxury, air-conditioned, and interstate buses, as well as TSRTC buses operating outside the city. This comes in response to the overwhelming popularity of the free bus travel scheme for women, which has led to a significant increase in female passengers and a decrease in available seats for men.

Why the Need for Men’s Reservation?

The Maha Lakshmi scheme, which offers free bus travel for women, has been a resounding success. However, it has also resulted in a 20% rise in occupancy rates on TSRTC buses.

With more women using the buses, there have been frequent instances of men, particularly the elderly and students, facing difficulty in finding seats. To address this issue and ensure equitable access for all passengers, the TSRTC is exploring various options, including:

  • Reserving seats for men: This could involve allocating a certain number of seats exclusively for male passengers.
  • Introducing special buses for men: This would involve operating buses that are only accessible to men.
  • Alloting seats for the elderly and students: This would prioritize seating for these groups, regardless of gender.
  • Plying buses on alternative routes or providing special services for women: This could help to distribute passenger loads more evenly.

Fleet Limitations and Other Considerations

While the TSRTC is committed to finding a solution that accommodates the needs of all passengers, it is also facing certain constraints. Notably, the corporation’s fleet limitations may make it challenging to introduce special buses for men.

Additionally, discussions are underway to explore providing special services for students and potentially introducing a different form of reservation to ensure men are also fairly accommodated.

Stay Updated on the Latest Developments

As the TSRTC continues to evaluate its options, we’ll keep you updated on any new developments or decisions made.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When will a decision be made on men’s reservation in TSRTC buses?
A: The TSRTC has not yet announced a timeline for a decision.

Q: What factors will influence the TSRTC’s decision?
A: The corporation will consider factors such as fleet capacity, passenger demand, and operational feasibility when making its decision.

Q: Will the Maha Lakshmi scheme for women continue if men’s reservation is introduced?
A: Yes, the Maha Lakshmi scheme will continue to operate regardless of any changes made to accommodate male passengers.

Meta Description: Stay informed on the latest developments regarding potential men’s reservation in TSRTC buses. Learn more about the factors influencing the decision and potential solutions being considered.

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