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5 Ways ONDC Collaboration with Google and Meta

5 Ways ONDC Collaboration with Google and Meta

Explore the transformative partnerships of 5 Ways ONDC Collaboration with Google and Meta, driving digital commerce growth in India. Learn about the rapid adoption, regulatory support, and skilling initiatives propelling ONDC’s success.


In a strategic move aimed at enhancing its reach among small businesses, the Ministry of Commerce-backed e-commerce protocol, Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), recently forged two significant partnerships. These collaborations, with tech giants Google and Meta, are poised to transform the landscape of digital commerce in India.

Google and Meta Partnerships

Google Partnership

ONDC’s collaboration with Google focuses on leveraging Google Maps to onboard public mobility services onto its platform. The integration allows users to book tickets for services such as the Kochi Metro directly through the ONDC framework within Google Maps. This strategic alliance aimsto enhance the accessibility of public transport services, a move that aligns with the broader goals of ONDC.

Meta Partnership

The partnership with Meta involves the integration of ONDC into WhatsApp, providing a streamlined onboarding process for small businesses. This initiative not only facilitates a seamless experience for businesses but also contributes to Meta’s focus on monetizing its Indian market in the coming year. Additionally, the collaboration includes digital skilling programs for small businesses, emphasizing the commitment to fostering growth through skill development.

ONDC’s Rapid Growth and Adoption

MD and CEO Thampy Koshy shared insights into ONDC’s remarkable growth. Since its public availability announcement in Bengaluru in January, the protocol has witnessed exponential growth, scaling from 1,000-1,200 transactions per month to an impressive 5 million monthly transactions in just 12 months. Large corporations like Hindustan Unilever have expressed interest in adopting the ONDC framework, signaling a positive trend in its adoption across sectors.

Regulatory Support and Future Prospects

Thampy Koshy highlighted the significance of new regulations, such as the recently tabled Telecom Bill, in supporting digital commerce. The focus remains on enabling digital commerce and leveraging progressive regulations to bolster India’s overall digital economy.

Skilling Initiatives and New Horizons

Apart from transactional growth, ONDC’s partnerships with Meta and Google emphasize a commitment to skilling initiatives. Digital skilling programs for small businesses play a pivotal role in migrating businesses to digital platforms, aligning with the broader goals of fostering a digitally inclusive ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ONDC’s approach to public mobility services?

A: ONDC has partnered with Google Maps to onboard public mobility services, allowing users to book services like the Kochi Metro directly through the ONDC framework within Google Maps.

Q: How has ONDC’s transactional growth evolved over the past year?

A: In just 12 months since its public availability in Bengaluru, ONDC has scaled from 1,000-1,200 transactions per month to an impressive 5 million monthly transactions.

Q: What role do new regulations, like the Telecom Bill, play in ONDC’s strategy?

A: New regulations, such as the Telecom Bill, are seen as supportive of ONDC’s focus on enabling digital commerce and contributing to India’s overall digital economic growth.


The ONDC, through strategic partnerships and rapid adoption, is at the forefront of transforming digital commerce in India. The collaborations with Google and Meta, coupled with a commitment to skilling initiatives, underscore ONDC’s dedication to creating a digital ecosystem that is inclusive and progressive.

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