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Swachhata Hi Seva Transforms Into Jan Andolan

Swachhata Hi Seva Transforms Into Jan Andolan

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In a remarkable display of unity and commitment to cleanliness, India is currently immersed in the fortnight-long festival of cleanliness known as the Swachhata Hi Seva (SHS) 2023 campaign, with the theme ‘Garbage-Free India.’ Inspired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s impassioned call for Swachhata (cleanliness), over 32 crore individuals have actively participated in this nationwide campaign between September 15th and September 29th, 2023. This averages to an astounding 2.3 crore participants daily across the nation. The transformation of this initiative into a ‘Jan Andolan’ is yielding tremendous results for the country, including the declaration of 75% of India’s villages as Open Defecation Free (ODF) Plus, signifying their commitment to maintaining this status by effectively managing solid and liquid waste. Moreover, it underscores the unshakeable dedication of communities and the government to sanitation and cleanliness.

A Nation Unites for Cleanliness

The 2023 campaign has witnessed an unprecedented surge in participation, with over 32 crore individuals from across the country joining in just 14 days, resulting in an average daily participation of 2.3 crore citizens. Notably, almost 15 crore citizens actively engaged in Shramdaan, providing voluntary labor for 3.68 lakh Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) activities. These endeavors encompassed the cleanup of approximately 5300 beaches, rejuvenation of 4300 riverbanks and waterfronts, reclamation of over 10,700 legacy waste sites, enhancement of 2400 tourist and iconic destinations, and restoration of over 93,000 public spaces. Furthermore, more than 12,000 water bodies were cleaned, over 60,000 institutional buildings were revitalized, and nearly 47,000 garbage-prone sites were cleared. These impressive numbers underscore the unwavering commitment and the transformative power of ‘Jan Andolan.’

The Grand Finale: ‘Ek Tareekh Ek Ghanta Ek Saath’

The culmination of this year’s celebrations will take place on October 1st, as the entire government and the citizens of India collaborate to conduct cleanliness drives in various locations, in response to the national call to action, ‘Ek Tareekh Ek Ghanta Ek Saath.’ Scheduled for 10 AM, this initiative, personally endorsed by the Prime Minister, emphasizes the significance of cleanliness in all facets of society. During the 105th episode of Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Modi urged all citizens to dedicate one hour of Shramdaan for Swachhata at 10 am on October 1st, making it a ‘Swachhanjali’ to Mahatma Gandhi on his Jayanti. The Prime Minister encouraged individuals to participate in this cleanliness campaign in their neighborhoods, parks, riversides, lakes, or any other public spaces.

A Unified Approach Towards Cleanliness

A distinctive aspect of this year’s campaign is the joint launch of the SHS Campaign by three Union Ministers, symbolizing the unity in the government’s efforts to achieve a ‘Swachh Bharat’ as envisioned by Prime Minister Modi. The results are evident, as within just one week of the launch, the Union Minister for Jal Shakti, Shri Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, proudly announced that 75% of villages in India had achieved ODF Plus status.

This time, a ‘Whole of Government’ approach is evident, with various government departments working in harmony to ensure a ‘Swachh Bharat.’ The Ministry of Tourism initiated the Travel for LiFE for Cleanliness Campaign at 108 selected sites, the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting ensured the broadcast of the SHS video in all cinema screens across the country, and the Department of Telecom played the SHS ringtone across all mobile networks. The Department of Civil Aviation and Railway Board endorsed the SHS campaign in all airports and railway areas, while the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) illuminated all major monuments with the SHS branding. Additionally, the Department of School Education & Literacy introduced sanitation activities in all public and private schools nationwide, and the Department of Higher Education encouraged colleges and universities to promote the message of Swachhata. Each department contributed uniquely to the SHS campaign, reflecting the comprehensive approach taken.

Welfare of the Sanitation Heroes

Another noteworthy aspect of this campaign is its focus on the welfare of the sanitation heroes, the SafaiMitra. Health check-up camps and yoga shivirs have been organized for their well-being. Various sections of the community have also actively participated in SHS. Self-Help Groups (SHGs), consisting mainly of women, have adopted villages for Shramdaan. Youth in schools and colleges have displayed great enthusiasm in cleaning their cities, towns, and villages, with colleges adopting villages as well. Senior citizens are contributing through Shramdaan in beaches, parks, public places, and are playing their part for a clean society. Religious leaders in religious places are also getting involved in Shramdaan. Various organizations like Chambers of Commerce, Red Cross, and trade and agricultural bodies are actively participating in Swachhata activities.

A Mass Mobilization for Cleanliness

The campaign has encompassed a range of mass mobilization activities, including Swachhata Pledge, Swachhata runs, and Human Chains. Cleanliness drives have taken place at office premises and adjacent areas, railway tracks and stations, airports, tourist places, pilgrim sites, ASI monuments, heritage sites, educational institutions, highways, zoos, sanctuaries, parks, and other high footfall areas. The pledge for a Single-Use Plastic ban and zero-waste events has been a central theme. These collective efforts have rejuvenated the environment, creating a cleaner, healthier atmosphere. It is a tribute to the spirit of ‘Team India.’

In conclusion, the Swachhata Hi Seva 2023 campaign has rekindled the spirit of voluntarism and community participation among the masses. It has successfully achieved its annual objective of making sanitation a shared responsibility. This campaign serves as a testament to what can be accomplished when individuals, communities, and government agencies unite with a shared vision and work toward a common mission, exemplifying the ‘Swachh Bharat’ Mission’s core principles.

Ahan Shetty and Suniel Shetty Join PM’s Swachhta Hi Seva Drive in Mumbai


In a heartwarming display of dedication to cleanliness and community service, the dynamic father-son duo, Ahan Shetty and Suniel Shetty, have recently become active participants in the Prime Minister’s Swachhta Hi Seva Drive in Mumbai. This significant initiative aims to propagate cleanliness and hygiene throughout the nation, underscoring the importance of a cleaner India. In this article, we will delve into the details of their involvement, the impact of such initiatives, and address some frequently asked questions regarding this event.

Ahan Shetty and Suniel Shetty: Swachhta Ambassadors

Ahan Shetty and Suniel Shetty have assumed the roles of ambassadors for the Swachhta Hi Seva campaign, a testament to their unwavering commitment to cleanliness and public welfare. Their association signifies the influential role that celebrities can play in championing noble causes.

The Swachhta Hi Seva Initiative

The Prime Minister’s Swachhta Hi Seva Initiative is a nationwide cleanliness campaign designed to foster awareness about sanitation and cleanliness. It urges citizens to actively engage in efforts to create a cleaner and healthier India.

Ahan and Suniel Shetty’s Perspective

Ahan Shetty’s Perspective

Ahan Shetty expressed his profound enthusiasm for being part of this initiative, emphasizing that it extends beyond cleanliness—it is about setting an exemplary model for India’s youth. He passionately stressed the imperative for everyone to actively contribute to a cleaner environment.

Suniel Shetty’s Commitment

Suniel Shetty, a stalwart in the film industry, underscored the significance of leading by example. He articulated the responsibilities that accompany fame and his aspiration to utilize his influence to inspire others to join the cleanliness movement.

Impact of Their Participation

The involvement of Ahan and Suniel Shetty in the Swachhta Hi Seva Initiative has made a substantial impact on the campaign and the community.

Increased Awareness

Their alignment with the initiative has garnered widespread attention for the cause, leading to heightened awareness regarding cleanliness and hygiene.

Community Engagement

The Shetty duo’s active participation has spurred community engagement, motivating more individuals to actively partake in cleanliness drives and related activities.


Let’s address some common questions concerning Ahan Shetty and Suniel Shetty’s involvement in the Swachhta Hi Seva Initiative.

What is the Swachhta Hi Seva Initiative?

The Swachhta Hi Seva Initiative is a nationwide campaign in India that advocates for cleanliness and hygiene. It encourages citizens to actively participate in initiatives aimed at making India cleaner.

How can I get involved in the Swachhta Hi Seva Initiative?

You can become involved in the initiative by participating in cleanliness drives, raising awareness about sanitation, and encouraging others to join the cause. You can also collaborate with local organizations engaged in cleanliness endeavors.

What role do Ahan and Suniel Shetty play in the initiative?

Ahan and Suniel Shetty serve as ambassadors for the Swachhta Hi Seva campaign, using their influence to raise awareness and inspire others to contribute to cleanliness and hygiene.

What are the benefits of cleanliness initiatives like this?

Cleanliness initiatives promote a healthier environment, curtail the spread of diseases, and enhance the overall quality of life. They also foster a sense of community and civic responsibility.

How can celebrities contribute to social causes?

Celebrities can contribute to social causes by leveraging their fame and influence to raise awareness, generate funds, and actively participate in initiatives. Their involvement can inspire others to get involved and make a meaningful impact.

What is the significance of the Swachhta Hi Seva Initiative for India?

The Swachhta Hi Seva Initiative holds immense significance for India as it champions cleanliness, hygiene, and community involvement. It aligns with the vision of a cleaner and healthier nation.


Ahan Shetty and Suniel Shetty’s active participation in the Prime Minister’s Swachhta Hi Seva Initiative in Mumbai exemplifies the influential role that celebrities can play in championing social causes. Their unwavering dedication to cleanliness and community welfare sets a positive example for all. As we persistently strive for a cleaner India, their involvement stands as an inspirational beacon guiding us toward a brighter, more hygienic future.

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