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TSRTC Big Step: New Diesel Buses Joining the Fleet

TSRTC Big Step: New Diesel Buses Joining the Fleet

Revitalizing Public Transport: TSRTC’s Grand Fleet Expansion

TSRTC Big Step: New Diesel Buses Joining the Fleet, In a groundbreaking move aimed at elevating public transportation services, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) is embarking on a significant venture — the acquisition of 1050 cutting-edge diesel buses. This strategic initiative, valued at Rs 400 crore, as revealed in a recent press release, underscores TSRTC’s commitment to meeting the surging demand for efficient and accessible bus services.

Meeting Demand: The Mahalakshmi Scheme Impact

TSRTC’s decision to bring in 1050 new diesel buses is not just a numerical augmentation but a calculated response to the escalating demand, especially in the wake of the Mahalakshmi scheme’s introduction. This scheme, designed to provide free bus services exclusively for women across Telangana, has substantially increased the need for an expanded fleet to cater to a broader audience.

Diversifying the Fleet: A Comprehensive Approach

The upcoming additions to TSRTC’s fleet showcase a diverse range, catering to different travel preferences and needs. The procurement plan includes 400 Express buses, 512 Palle Velugu buses, 92 Lahari Sleeper Cum Seater buses, and 56 AC Rajdhani buses. This meticulous selection aims to address varied commuter requirements, ensuring a well-rounded and inclusive public transportation system.

Phased Rollout: Enhancing Accessibility by March 2024

TSRTC’s strategic approach involves a phased introduction of the new buses, with the aim of making them accessible to the public by March 2024. In the initial phase, 80 modernized buses will hit the roads, comprising 30 Express buses, 30 Rajdhani AC buses, and 20 Lahari Sleeper cum Seater (non-AC) buses. The rollout begins on December 30, marking a significant milestone in TSRTC’s commitment to an upgraded transportation experience.

Unveiling the Future: Official Induction Ceremony

To mark this monumental expansion, an official induction ceremony for the new buses is scheduled to commence at 10 am on Saturday, starting at the Ambedkar Statue on NTR Marg. The event promises to be a grand affair, with Transport Minister Ponnam Prabhakar gracing it as the chief guest, flagging off the new buses. TSRTC MD VC Sajjanar and other high-ranking officials from the corporation will also be present, underscoring the significance of this momentous occasion.

In conclusion, TSRTC’s endeavor to acquire 1050 new diesel buses signifies a transformative leap toward providing a more robust, efficient, and inclusive public transportation system for the people of Telangana. This strategic move not only addresses the immediate demand but also lays the foundation for a future-ready transit network that aligns with the evolving needs of the community.

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