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Tirumala Temple Sees Heavy Crowds Devotees Line Up for 3 Kilometers

Tirumala Temple Sees Heavy Crowds Devotees Line Up for 3 Kilometers

Tirumala Temple Sees Heavy Crowds Devotees Line Up for 3 Kilometers

Tirumala Temple Sees Heavy Crowds Devotees Line Up for 3 Kilometers, Tirumala Temple witnessed a significant influx of devotees on Friday, resulting in heavy crowds. The Vaikuntham Queue Complex and Narayanagiri sheds were packed to capacity.

High Turnout of Devotees at Tirumala Temple

On Friday, Tirumala Temple experienced an overwhelming turnout of devotees eager for a glimpse of Lord Venkateswara. The Vaikuntham Queue Complex and Narayanagiri sheds filled quickly, forcing the queue to extend up to 3 kilometers, reaching the Octopus building via Ring Road. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) announced that devotees might have to wait up to 20 hours for darshan. To accommodate the waiting devotees, officials provided drinking water, annaprasadam (free meals), and milk. This surge in devotees is expected to continue throughout the weekend.

VIP Break Darshan Canceled Over the Weekend

With summer vacations ending, polling processes concluding, and student exam results being announced, the number of devotees at Tirumala Temple has surged significantly. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, common devotees often have to wait between 30 to 40 hours in queue lines for darshan. To manage the crowd and ensure darshan for the general public, the TTD has canceled VIP break darshans on weekends (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) until June 30. This measure aims to reduce waiting times and provide a better experience for all devotees.

Increased Footfall Due to Seasonal and Academic Factors

The end of summer vacations and the conclusion of various civic activities have contributed to the increased footfall at Tirumala Temple. The release of student exam results has also played a role, as families visit the temple to seek blessings. The TTD has implemented several measures to handle the large crowds efficiently, ensuring that the spiritual experience remains fulfilling for everyone.

Arrangements for Devotees in Queue

To address the needs of devotees waiting in long queues, the TTD has arranged for essential amenities. Drinking water, annaprasadam, and milk are being distributed regularly to ensure that devotees remain comfortable during their wait. These provisions are part of TTD’s efforts to manage the high influx of visitors and ensure their well-being.

Managing the Weekend Rush

The TTD’s decision to cancel VIP break darshans on weekends is a strategic move to manage the crowd. By prioritizing the general devotees during peak days, TTD aims to reduce the waiting time and improve the overall experience for visitors. This change is expected to ease the pressure on the queue system and provide smoother access to darshan.

Looking Ahead: Crowd Management Strategies

As the influx of devotees is expected to remain high, the TTD continues to explore and implement effective crowd management strategies. These include improving queue systems, enhancing amenities, and ensuring that information is readily available to visitors. By doing so, the TTD aims to maintain order and ensure a positive experience for all who visit Tirumala Temple.


The Tirumala Temple, a significant pilgrimage site, has been experiencing an unprecedented surge in devotees. The TTD’s proactive measures, including canceling VIP break darshans on weekends and providing essential amenities, are aimed at managing the crowd efficiently. As the temple continues to draw large numbers of devotees, these strategies will be crucial in maintaining a smooth and fulfilling pilgrimage experience.

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