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The Rising Cost of Eggs in Hyderabad: A Pocket Pinch for Consumers

The Rising Cost of Eggs in Hyderabad: A Pocket Pinch for Consumers

The Rising Cost of Eggs in Hyderabad: A Pocket Pinch for Consumers, Understanding the Surge in Egg Prices

In recent times, residents of Hyderabad have been facing a significant rise in the cost of eggs, a staple in many households. What used to be an affordable commodity has now become a burden on the pocket. Let’s delve into the factors contributing to this surge.

Last Year’s Comparison

On May 4 last year, the price for 100 units of eggs stood at Rs 420. However, fast forward to this year, and the cost has escalated to Rs 445. This notable increase within a year’s time frame raises concerns among consumers.

Factors Driving the Price Hike

Market experts point towards several factors fueling this upward trend. The foremost among them is the shortage in the supply of eggs in Hyderabad. This scarcity has led to a surge in prices, leaving consumers grappling with the financial impact.

Impact of Climatic Conditions

The soaring temperatures, coupled with higher chicken mortality rates, have exacerbated the situation. The scorching summer heat has adversely affected egg production, further straining the already limited supply chain.

Recent Price Trends

Over the past month, egg prices have been steadily rising, albeit in small increments. Between April 5 and May 4 alone, the cost per unit witnessed an increase of 70 paise. For instance, an egg that was priced at Rs 4.35 on April 5 soared to Rs 5.25 by May 5.

Sharp Increase in May

The most significant surge in prices has been observed in the first five days of May. Starting at Rs 4.25 on May 1, the price of a single egg skyrocketed, reaching Rs 5.25 by May 5. This sharp rise indicates a pressing concern for consumers.

Impact on Delivery Services

Furthermore, the escalating prices have also impacted home delivery services. Consumers opting for doorstep delivery of eggs are now faced with inflated prices, with rates hovering around Rs 70 for six units. This additional expense adds to the financial burden on consumers.

Insights from Market Experts

Abdul Raoos, a seasoned egg retailer in Hyderabad, sheds light on the current scenario. He attributes the price hike to the significant reduction in production due to the adverse effects of summer heat. Raoos emphasizes how last year’s rainfall helped keep prices in check, a contrast to the current situation.


1. Why are egg prices soaring in Hyderabad?

  • The surge in egg prices can be attributed to a shortage in supply, exacerbated by adverse climatic conditions and higher chicken mortality rates.

2. How much have prices increased recently?

  • Prices have witnessed a notable increase in recent weeks, with the cost per unit rising by 70 paise between April 5 and May 4 alone.

3. What impact does this have on consumers?

  • Consumers are facing a significant financial burden as the cost of eggs continues to rise, with additional expenses incurred for home delivery services.

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