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The Palamuru Rangareddy Project Environment Clearance

The Palamuru Rangareddy Project Environment Clearance

In the annals of history, the Palamuru and RangaReddy region is a testament to the unwavering pursuit of justice, marked by the resilience and determination of individuals who took a stand against injustice. The Palamuru Rangareddy Project Environment Clearance, led by the visionary Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, remains an extraordinary and monumental triumph, epitomizing the confluence of environmental preservation and unprecedented historical achievement.

This article delves deep into the saga of Palamuru, from its tumultuous past to its glorious present, highlighting the pivotal role played by the stalwart K. Chandrashekar Rao in reshaping the landscape of this region and setting an inspiring precedent for generations to come.

The 49th meeting of the constituted EAC for River Valley & Hydroelectric Projects was organized by the Ministry of Environment. Forest and Climate Change, Indira Paryavaran Bhawan..for Bagh Road. New Delhi. was held on 24th July. 2023 through virtual mode. under t.Chairmanship of Dr. A. K. Malhotra list of members present in the meeting.

  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting Confirmation of the minutes of 48th EAC meet, hcld on 26th 27th June. 2023.
    • Expansion of Krishna Kayos Lift Irrigation Project in Sough and Solapur Districts Maharashtra by Department of Imigation located at SANGLLNIAHARASHTRA Proposal For Fresh EC Proposal No File No Submission Date =1″.., 1A/MH/RIV/431564/2023 1-12011/5/2000-1AI (R) 26/06/2023 River Valkyarrigation projects

The Context of Injustice

In the bygone decades, the Palamuru region had been a victim of systemic injustice, a narrative woven with tales of oppression and inequality. Krishnamma, a resolute woman from Palamuru, emerged as a symbol of resilience, embodying the spirit of an entire community yearning for justice. This remarkable woman, a beacon of hope, stood tall against the tides of adversity, challenging the status quo and demanding change.

The EAC during deliberations noted the following:

The proposal is for grant of environmental clearance for Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme (Phase II: Irrigation) As Districts of Mahbubnagar, Rangareddy & N.gonda, Telangana by M/s Irrigation and CAD Department, Government of Telangana. The project/activity is covered under the category `A’ of item 1 (c) River Valley projects’ of the Schedule to the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification, 2006 and appraised at the Central level by the sector. EAC in the Ministry as category ‘A’.

The EAC noted that the ecological damage assessment report has been revised as per SOP issued by the Ministry vide Office Memorandum no. 22-21/ 2020-IA.III dated 7.07.2021. The Project Proponent have to ensure the necessary steps towards successful implementation Remediation Plan, Natural Resources and Community Resources Augmentation Plan, as appraised by the EAC, in time bound manner.

The EAC examined the public hearing report and observed that the public hearthg was conducted by Telangana State Pollution Control Board on 10. August, 2021 simultaneously in six districts namely Mahabubnagar, Nagarlcumool, Rangareddy, Vikarabad, Nalgonda and Narayanpet and major issues emerged were about land acquisition, compensation and water supply in drought-prone area.

The EAC .so observed the directions passed by the Hon’ble National Green Tribunal. (NGT) vide order dated 22.12.2022 in the matter of OA No. 212 along with OA No. 148. The Hon’ble NGT has directed for the constitution of an expert committee for suggesting the remedisl measures for restoration of the ecological/socisl damage caused due to construction project without obtaining the Environmental Cle.arice. The project proponent must follow the recommendations of the expert committee in true sense.

The EAC agreed about the project requirement th the region but implementation of remedisl measures for restoration A ecological sanctity is utmost requirement for ensuring the sustainable development.

49.7.4 The EAC after examining the information submitted by the project proponent on PARIVESH and as presented during the meeting recommended the proposal for grant of Environment. Clearance for Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme (Phase II: Irrigation) in Districts of Mahbubnagar, Rangareddy & Nalgonda, Telangana by M/s Irrigation and CAD Department, Government of Telangana, under the provisions of EIA Notification, 2006 arid as amended with subject to compliance of applicable Standard EC conditions with the following additional conditions:

The Palamuru-Rangareddy Project: A Triumph of Environmental Consent

The visionary Chief Minister, K. Chandrashekar Rao, orchestrated a momentous feat with the inception of the Palamuru-Rangareddy project. This project not only addressed the environmental concerns of the region but also garnered widespread support and cooperation from the local populace. The project’s success was a result of meticulously securing environmental clearances, a testament to the meticulous planning and execution championed by KCR.

The Palamuru Rangareddy Project Environment Clearance KCR election 2023

A Glimpse of Leadership: KCR’s Unprecedented Achievement

K. Chandrashekar Rao’s dedication and leadership paved the way for an unprecedented victory, breathing life into the long-standing dreams of the Palamuru community. His unwavering commitment to this cause and his resolve to overcome bureaucratic challenges underscored his place in history as a true statesman and a beacon of hope.

A Tribute to the Resilience of the People

The journey of Palamuru transcends mere statistics, emerging as a tale of perseverance and determination against all odds. The undying spirit of the people, fueled by the visionary leadership of K. Chandrashekar Rao, transformed the region’s destiny and presented a shining example of what collective effort and unwavering determination can achieve.

Rediscovering Identity: Palamuru’s Glorious Transformation

The decade-long struggle for justice and environmental preservation culminated in a transformational period for Palamuru. The hitherto unspoken stories of the region now found expression in poetic verses, capturing the essence of a land that had transcended its past to embrace a future teeming with promise.

Environmental Guardianship: A New Dawn for Palamuru

The Palamuru-Rangareddy project, once mired in uncertainty, now stands as a testament to the power of environmental stewardship. The preservation of vital resources, coupled with sustainable development, has heralded a new era for Palamuru, setting a benchmark for other regions to follow.

The Path to Justice: A People’s Movement

The triumph of justice in Palamuru was no solitary endeavor. It was a collective journey, a harmonious symphony of voices that echoed through the annals of time, culminating in the monumental victory that continues to inspire generations.

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