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TGBIE Telangana Addressing Students’ Concerns about Marks and Accuracy

TGBIE Telangana Addressing Students’ Concerns about Marks and Accuracy

Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education TGBIE Telangana Addressing Students’ Concerns about Marks and Accuracy, Students across Telangana who appeared for the Intermediate exams are shocked and disappointed by their results. Many are left bewildered as their expected marks don’t match the actual scores received.

Irregularities in Intermediate Evaluation

Students are distressed as they discover discrepancies in their marks despite answering correctly. This frustration has led to 48,000 students applying for re-evaluation and another 2,000 requesting recounts. The Intermediate Board is now facing a flood of complaints from students and parents alike.

Evaluation Errors Causing Widespread Discontent

Students who scored impressively in their first year, with marks as high as 98 or 99 out of 100, are now seeing dramatically lower scores in their second year, leaving them disheartened. The careless addition of total marks and inconsistent evaluation by some teachers have become a curse for students.

After the announcement of the Intermediate first and second-year results, around 48,000 students applied for re-evaluation, and another 2,000 for re-counting. Those applying for re-evaluation downloaded their answer sheets from the website and expressed their anger at the Board’s negligence. Some private and deemed universities offer seats in B.Tech and other courses without fees for students scoring high marks in the Intermediate exams. However, the current mishandling of evaluation is causing these students to suffer.

Board Officials Acknowledge Mistakes

A senior official from the Intermediate Board acknowledged that some students faced injustice. He assured that their answer sheets would be reviewed by experts, and necessary actions would be taken.

The Role of Private and Corporate Junior Colleges

Several private and corporate junior colleges send tutors and junior lecturers with limited knowledge for paper evaluation. Despite being aware of this practice for years, the Intermediate Board has shown indifference, leading to criticism. Even after student suicides in 2019, the Board hasn’t focused adequately on the evaluation process. Instead of penalizing only when mark discrepancies are discovered, experts suggest that notices should also be sent to the management of colleges where teachers err, and a percentage of these teachers should be mandatorily involved in the evaluation process annually.

Shocking Discrepancies Uncovered

An MPC student initially received 21 marks in a language subject, which jumped to 91 after re-evaluation. This stark difference left the Board officials perplexed. Similarly, MEC student S. Samhita from Hyderabad scored a total of 926 marks. In the first year, she scored 98 out of 100 in Commerce and Accountancy, but in the second year, she received only 77 marks. According to her calculations, she should have received at least 95 marks. Despite applying for re-evaluation, the Board stated there was no change in her marks. However, upon downloading her answer sheet, it was evident that the examiner initially gave her 97 marks but later changed it to 77.

Hundreds of Affected Students

Many students, despite writing correct answers, received zero marks. For instance, Swathi from Jangaon scored 984 marks. Initially, she was given 57 marks in the second-year Chemistry, but after re-evaluation, she received 59. For a two-mark question, she was initially given zero, which was corrected upon review. These cases are just a few examples, with hundreds of similar affected students.

The negligence of the Telangana Intermediate Board has led to widespread distress among students, calling for urgent reforms and accountability in the evaluation process.

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