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Telangana Sheep Distribution Scam ACB Launches Probe

Telangana Sheep Distribution Scam ACB Launches Probe

Stay informed about the Telangana sheep distribution scam as the ACB launches a comprehensive investigation into alleged corruption involving officials and contractors. Uncover the details of the Rs 2.1 crore fraud and its potential political connections.

Unveiling the Telangana Sheep Distribution Scam: ACB Launches Probe


The Telangana Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has initiated a probe into a concerning sheep distribution scam, where beneficiaries were deceived by a suspected collusion involving officials and middlemen. This revelation follows complaints filed in December against two assistant directors of the animal husbandry department, along with two contractors, accused of orchestrating a Rs 2.1 crore fraud in the sheep distribution scheme.

The Fraudulent Operation

The accused individuals reportedly procured sheep from Andhra Pradesh and distributed them to beneficiaries in Telangana. Shockingly, they stand accused of cheating sheep vendors in Yacharam, Andhra Pradesh, by making false entries and diverting Rs 2.1 crore to fraudulent accounts. The scam unfolded when aggrieved sheep vendors raised concerns about non-payment for their sales.

Legal Actions Taken

The Gachibowli police, responding to filed complaints, registered a case under sections 406, 409, and 420 of the Indian Penal Code against the two contractors and assistant directors Ravikumar and Keshav Sai. Recognizing the magnitude of the scam, the State government has mandated the ACB to conduct a thorough investigation.

Additional Suspicions

In a related development, another case has been registered at Nampally police station against former minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav’s OSD Kalyan Kumar. The allegations suggest his involvement in disrupting and shifting files post-election results, raising suspicions of a connection to the fraudulent transaction case.

Lack of Government Inquiry

Complaints of large-scale corruption in the sheep distribution scheme had previously surfaced during the BRS rule. However, the government refrained from initiating inquiries at that time, allowing the issue to persist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the nature of the sheep distribution scam in Telangana?

A1: The scam involves officials and contractors purchasing sheep from Andhra Pradesh and diverting Rs 2.1 crore meant for payments to fraudulent accounts.

Q2: Why did the State government order the ACB to investigate?

A2: Recognizing the significant scale of the fraud, the State government entrusted the ACB with the investigation to ensure a comprehensive inquiry.

Q3: Are there suspicions of political involvement in the scam?

A3: Yes, suspicions have been raised against former minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav’s OSD Kalyan Kumar regarding his potential involvement in the fraudulent transaction case.


The Telangana sheep distribution scam has raised serious concerns about corruption within the animal husbandry department. The initiation of a probe by the ACB reflects the government’s commitment to addressing such fraudulent activities and ensuring accountability.

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