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Telangana Run to be held on June 12

Telangana Run to be held on June 12

Telangana Run to be held on June 12, Government Urges Public Participation. the government of Telangana has announced the Hyderabad Telangana Run, scheduled to be held on June 2023


In an effort to promote fitness and community engagement, the government of Telangana has announced the Hyderabad Telangana Run, scheduled to be held on June 12. This exciting event aims to encourage people from all walks of life to come together and participate in a thrilling marathon. With an emphasis on public participation, the run promises to be an excellent opportunity for individuals to showcase their endurance and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Hyderabad Telangana Run, exploring its significance, the route, registration process, and other pertinent information. So, lace up your running shoes and let’s dive in!

Hyderabad Telangana Run: An Overview

The Hyderabad Telangana Run is an annual event organized by the Telangana government to promote physical fitness and raise awareness about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. This marathon provides an excellent platform for individuals to challenge themselves, pushing their limits and striving for personal growth. By participating in the run, individuals not only contribute to their own well-being but also support a collective effort to foster a healthier and happier society.

The Significance of the Hyderabad Telangana Run

The Hyderabad Telangana Run holds immense significance for both the participants and the community as a whole. Let’s take a closer look at the key reasons why this event is highly regarded:

1. Promoting Fitness and Well-being

Regular physical activity is essential for maintaining good health and well-being. By organizing the Hyderabad Telangana Run, the government aims to inspire individuals to adopt an active lifestyle. Participating in the run not only provides a unique opportunity to engage in physical exercise but also encourages the development of a regular fitness routine.

2. Fostering a Sense of Community

The Hyderabad Telangana Run brings together people from diverse backgrounds, uniting them under a common goal. This event promotes social interaction and fosters a sense of community spirit. Participants can connect with fellow runners, exchange stories, and build lasting friendships, creating a positive and inclusive environment.

3. Showcasing Telangana’s Splendid Landmarks

The route of the Hyderabad Telangana Run takes participants through some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. From historical monuments to vibrant neighborhoods, runners get a chance to appreciate the rich cultural heritage and architectural marvels that Telangana has to offer. This not only adds to the allure of the event but also promotes tourism and showcases the city’s beauty to both locals and visitors.

4. Supporting a Noble Cause

The Hyderabad Telangana Run is not just about personal achievements; it also serves a higher purpose. The event often collaborates with charitable organizations, raising funds for noble causes such as education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. By participating in the run, individuals contribute to these initiatives, making a positive impact on society.

Key Details for the Hyderabad Telangana Run

Now that we understand the significance of the Hyderabad Telangana Run, let’s delve into some key details you need to know if you plan to participate:

1. Date and Time

The Hyderabad Telangana Run is scheduled to take place on June 12. The event will commence at 6:00 am, so be sure to set your alarms early and arrive well before the starting time. This will allow you to complete the registration process and warm up adequately before the run begins.

2. Route

The marathon route will span approximately 10 kilometers, covering some of the most iconic landmarks in Hyderabad. Participants will have the opportunity to run past the Charminar, Hussain Sagar Lake, and many other breathtaking sights. This scenic route ensures an enjoyable and memorable experience for all runners.

3. Registration Process

To participate in the Hyderabad Telangana Run, interested individuals must complete the registration process. The government has made it convenient for participants by providing both online and offline registration options. Online registration can be done through the official event website, where participants can fill out the necessary information and pay the registration fee securely. For those who prefer offline registration, designated centers have been set up across the city where participants can register in person.

4. Registration Fee

The registration fee for the Hyderabad Telangana Run is priced at Rs. 500 per participant. This fee covers the cost of organizing the event, including logistics, security, and medical facilities. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds is often donated to charitable causes, making every registration fee a contribution to the betterment of society.

5. Training and Preparation

Participating in a marathon requires proper training and preparation. It is essential to gradually build your stamina and endurance to ensure a successful run. Engage in regular workouts, including running and strength training, to improve your fitness level. Additionally, consult with a professional trainer or join a running group to receive guidance and support throughout your training journey.

6. Health and Safety Measures

The government of Telangana prioritizes the health and safety of all participants. In light of the ongoing pandemic, strict health protocols will be implemented during the Hyderabad Telangana Run. It is mandatory for all participants to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and follow the guidelines provided by the organizing committee. Adequate medical facilities will also be available along the route to address any emergencies that may arise.

FAQs about the Hyderabad Telangana Run

  1. Q: How can I register for the Hyderabad Telangana Run? A: Registration for the Hyderabad Telangana Run can be done online through the official event website or offline at designated registration centers across the city.
  2. Q: Can international participants register for the run? A: Yes, international participants are welcome to register for the Hyderabad Telangana Run. However, additional procedures may apply, such as visa requirements and travel arrangements.
  3. Q: Is there an age limit for participation? A: The Hyderabad Telangana Run is open to participants of all ages. However, minors must have parental consent and be accompanied by an adult during the event.
  4. Q: Are pets allowed during the run? A: No, pets are not allowed on the marathon route for safety reasons. Participants are kindly requested to leave their pets at home.
  5. Q: Will water and refreshment stations be available along the route? A: Yes, water and refreshment stations will be strategically placed along the marathon route to provide participants with hydration and nourishment.
  6. Q: Can I collect my race bib and participant kit on the day of the run? A: It is recommended to collect your race bib and participant kit a day or two before the event to avoid last-minute rush and ensure a smooth start on the day of the run.


The Hyderabad Telangana Run presents an excellent opportunity for individuals to engage in physical activity, foster a sense of community, and support charitable causes. By participating in this exciting marathon, individuals not only challenge themselves but also contribute to the overall well-being of society. So, mark your calendars for June 12 and join the Hyderabad Telangana Run for an unforgettable experience that celebrates fitness, camaraderie, and the vibrant spirit of Telangana.

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