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Telangana Government Issues Memo to IAS Officer Arvind Kumar on Formula Event

Telangana Government Issues Memo to IAS Officer Arvind Kumar on Formula Event

The recent revelations surrounding the IAS Formula E Event Season 10 in February 2024 have brought to light significant governance concerns within the Government of Telangana. This article delves into the controversies and lapses, questioning the actions of Sri Arvind Kumar, IAS, the former Special Chief Secretary to Government, MAEtUD Department.

Violations and Explanation

1. Improper Approvals and Violation of Rules

The first glaring violation revolves around the tripartite Long Form Agreement entered into with Formula E Operations (FEO) and a private organizer for Season-9 and Season-10. This was done without due approval from the Competent Authority, raising questions about adherence to Secretariat Business Rules.

2. Lack of Due Permission and Accountability

Another concern arises from the termination of the Season-9 agreement without seeking due permission or notifying the Competent Authority. This allowed the defaulting promoter to escape liability, transferring the additional burden of event management to the Government.

3. Neglect of Financial Implications

The failure to examine the consequences of dropping the Season-9 “Promoter” and the subsequent lack of action to claim damages from the defaulting firm is a serious lapse in financial stewardship.

4. Unapproved Agreement for Season-10

The questionable conclusion of the Season-10 agreement without the knowledge or permission of the Competent Authority raises eyebrows. Furthermore, the failure to explore alternatives for a new private “Promoter” compounds the governance issues.

5. Inadequate Due Diligence

The absence of thorough due diligence to safeguard the financial interests of HMDA/Government, especially in light of assuming additional responsibilities as “Promoter” for Season-10, is a cause for concern.

6. Violation of Model Code of Conduct

Entering into a revised agreement with FEO for Season-10 during the Model Code of Conduct, enforced by the Election Commission of India, adds another layer of controversy. The agreement was made without the necessary Competent Authority’s permission.

7. Improper Designation of Nodal Agency

Designating HMDA as the Nodal Agency without proper approval violates Secretariat Business Rules and raises questions about the decision-making process.

8. Unjustified Financial Expenditure

The significant financial expenditure of Rs.46 Crores plus a tax amount of Rs.9.00 Crores from HMDA resources before obtaining the required approvals raises serious financial governance concerns.

9. Lack of Formal Consent

Failure to seek formal consent from the Competent Authority, as mandated by Article 299 of the Constitution of India, when making major policy decisions and financial commitments for Season 10 and the subsequent two seasons, is a critical oversight.

Conclusion and Call to Action

In light of these governance lapses, Sri Arvind Kumar, IAS, is called upon to provide a detailed explanation within seven days. Failure to do so will result in the initiation of further actions based on the available records. The controversy surrounding the IAS Formula E Event Season 10 underscores the importance of transparent governance and adherence to established protocols.

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  • Kankanala Madhu , January 10, 2024 @ 5:22 am

    Don’t be hasty in taking decisions to tamper the images of an IAS officers. They work as per the guide lines of the ruling Givts in tge interest of the states.
    This type of actions/opinions/initiations will automatically affect the morale of the IAS officers in taking dynamic decisions.
    The Govt who be the head may not have the administrative knowledge instead acting upon the decisions of the previous one, which damages the image of the state and his own character. Slow and steady wins the race.

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