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Telangana Government Halts New Ration Card Issuance for Specific Groups

Telangana Government Halts New Ration Card Issuance for Specific Groups

Telangana Government Halts New Ration Card Issuance for Specific Groups | Latest Ration Cards Rolled Out in 2024 Since March | Explore the Updates

The Telangana government embarks on issuing new ration cards to its populace, yet certain groups face exclusions. In a bid to fulfill its promises, the Congress-led government in Telangana vowed to bestow new ration cards upon its citizens. During assembly elections, the Congress government unveiled six guarantee schemes, mandating a ration card for eligibility. However, numerous individuals lack this essential document, prompting pleas for expedited issuance of new ration cards. Addressing the populace’s concerns, the Congress government has officially announced the rollout of new ration cards.

Application Channels and Timelines

As citizens sought to secure new ration cards, avenues like the Praja Palana Application and Meeseva Kendras witnessed a surge in applications. The government accepted applications until the conclusion of February, with plans for a subsequent reopening.

Awaiting Ration Card Release

Amidst the anticipation for new ration cards, citizens find themselves hindered from accessing the benefits of guarantee schemes. Notably, schemes such as the Gruhajyoti Scheme, Indiramma Indu, and Mahalakshmi Yojana have commenced disbursing benefits to existing ration card holders. Meanwhile, applicants eagerly anticipate reaping the rewards of these schemes upon securing their new ration cards.

Government’s Proactive Measures

The Telangana State Government takes proactive steps in new ration card distribution. Following the parliamentary elections and adherence to Election Code protocols, the issuance of new ration cards will proceed. An impressive ten lakh individuals have applied for new ration cards under guarantee schemes. The government authorities will meticulously assess the eligibility of applicants, prioritizing economically disadvantaged families. Notably, individuals owning properties, vehicles, or paying income tax, alongside government employees, remain exempt from this eligibility.

Commencement of Ration Card Distribution

To the relief of many, the government commenced ration card distribution from March 15. Upon receiving new ration cards, individuals must proceed to apply for associated schemes. Subsequently, the authorities will evaluate their applications for scheme benefits, ensuring equitable access to entitlements.

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