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Telangana Election Results 2023: Congress Triumphs with 68 Seats and 42% Vote Share

Telangana Election Results 2023: Congress Triumphs with 68 Seats and 42% Vote Share

Unveiling the Electoral Landscape in Telangana

The recently concluded Telangana elections, held on November 30, Telangana Election Results 2023: Congress Triumphs with 68 Seats and 42% Vote Share witnessed a significant turnout of 70.60%, reflecting the enthusiasm of the electorate in the 119-member Telangana Legislative Assembly. As per the India Today-Axis My India exit poll, the Congress party is poised to secure victory with an impressive 42% vote share, translating to 68 seats. In contrast, the ruling Bhartiya Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is projected to obtain 39 seats with a 36% vote share.

Shifting Political Dynamics: Congress vs. BRS

Congress Optimism: Aiming Beyond Predictions

Congress leader Revanth Reddy, responding to the exit poll’s forecast, expressed confidence in his party’s performance, anticipating over 80 seats. He emphasized, “The number is going to increase. I have an idea of the ground reality. We will get 80+ seats,” reinforcing the party’s optimism.

Regional Breakdown: Congress Dominance

The India Today-Axis My India exit poll provides a detailed regional analysis, showcasing Congress’s supremacy. In Hyderabad, Congress is projected to win three seats, while BRS is expected to secure 11 seats, reflecting a significant shift in power dynamics.

Decoding Voter Preferences: A Demographic Analysis

Religious Affiliation: BRS Leads Among Muslims

The exit poll highlights BRS’s popularity among the Muslim population, securing a 41% vote share compared to Congress’s 37%. This religious demographic plays a pivotal role in shaping the electoral landscape.

Caste Dynamics: Congress Gains Among OBCs and SCs

According to the exit poll data, Congress is favored by approximately 43% of OBCs and 51% of SCs in Telangana. In contrast, BRS secures 34% OBC support, 35% SC support, and 34% ST support. These caste dynamics are crucial in understanding the nuanced preferences of the electorate.

Urban-Rural Balance: Congress Across Both Landscapes

Congress’s appeal extends across rural and urban areas in Telangana. The exit poll indicates that in urban areas, Congress has a 41% voter share compared to BRS’s 36%. In rural areas, Congress enjoys support from 44% of voters, while BRS secures backing from 35%, underscoring the party’s widespread popularity.

Key Factors Influencing Voters

The India Today-Axis My India exit poll delves into the motivations driving voter choices in Telangana:

  • Betterment or Change: 25%
  • Development of State: 15%
  • Good Work by Present Government: 12%
  • PM Modi’s Leadership: 2%

K Chandrasekhar Rao: Preferred Chief Minister

The exit poll identifies K Chandrashekar Rao as the most preferred Chief Minister, garnering support from 32% of respondents. Congress leader Revanth Reddy follows with 21%, while any other Congress leader receives 22% support.

Post-Poll Reflections: Pradeep Gupta’s Insights

India Today-Axis My India pollster Pradeep Gupta sheds light on the delayed release of Telangana numbers, stating, “Before or during polling, you don’t get exact responses. However, after polls, people give you 99% accurate responses.” This emphasizes the reliability of the exit poll’s projections post-election.

India Today-Axis My India exit poll paints a compelling picture of Congress’s resurgence in Telangana, reflecting a nuanced understanding of voter preferences across demographics and regions. Stay tuned for live results as the political landscape unfolds.

The Electoral Landscape Unveiled: Axis My India Predictions

In a recent update from Axis My India, the forecast for the Telangana elections is indicative of a decisive shift in the political dynamics of the state. Here’s a breakdown of the predictions:

Seat Distribution:

  • Congress: 63-73 seats
  • BRS (Bhartiya Rashtra Samithi): 34-44 seats
  • BJP: 4-8 seats
  • Others: 5-8 seats

Key Highlights:

Southern Telangana (34 seats):

In this region, Axis My India predicts BRS winning 6 seats, Congress securing 27 seats, and BJP clinching 1 seat.

Hyderabad Region (21 seats):

The forecast for Hyderabad indicates BRS winning 11 seats, Congress securing 3 seats, and BJP gaining 1 seat. AIMIM, primarily active in Hyderabad, is predicted to secure 6 seats.

Central Telangana (31 seats):

BRS is expected to secure 9 seats, while Congress may dominate with around 22 seats. BJP is not anticipated to win any seats in this region.

Northern Telangana (33 seats):

Axis My India predicts BRS winning 13 seats, Congress securing 15 seats, and BJP gaining 5 seats.

Voter Preferences:

  • 32% prefer K Chandrashekhar Rao as the CM of Telangana.
  • 21% favor Congress’ Revanth Reddy.

Turnout and Political Landscape:

  • Voter turnout was recorded at 71.07%.
  • BRS aims for a third consecutive term, while Congress vigorously strives to form its maiden government in the state.

Poll of Polls:

According to the aggregated exit polls, Congress is anticipated to win 54 out of the 119 seats. However, it falls just short of the 60-seat majority mark.

Campaign Focus and Public Sentiment:

  • BRS’s campaign highlights the failures of the previous Congress regime and ongoing welfare measures.
  • CM Rao emphasizes his struggle for Telangana statehood.

Closely Contested Battle:

Other exit polls indicate a closely contested battle between Congress and BRS, with most agencies slightly favoring Congress.


As anticipation builds, Axis My India is set to release the detailed results of the Telangana exit polls shortly. Stay tuned for a comprehensive analysis of the electoral outcomes and their implications on the political landscape of Telangana.

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