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Retired Employee Loses Rs 85 Lakh to Fake CBI Officers “CBI Hyderabad Fraud”

Retired Employee Loses Rs 85 Lakh to Fake CBI Officers “CBI Hyderabad Fraud”

Shocking Retirement Scam: Hyderabad Man Loses Rs 85 Lakh

A retired senior executive from Hyderabad was swindled out of Rs 85 lakh by a gang impersonating CBI officers. This elaborate scam involved a two-day interrogation via Skype, convincing the victim to transfer his retirement funds for a supposed investigation.

The Deceptive Scheme Unfolded

The victim, a 57-year-old former associate general manager at a German pharma company, had saved the retirement settlement for his son’s higher education abroad. After receiving his settlement on May 2, he was targeted by the fraudsters on May 14, just days before his son’s visa appointment. The gang, posing as officers from various government agencies including CBI, customs, narcotics, and income tax, coerced him into writing a cheque to ‘Rana Garments’, an entity operating an HDFC account in Delhi’s Uttam Nagar.

Intricacies of the Fraud

Following the victim’s cheque, the funds were swiftly dispersed to 105 different bank accounts across India. The fraudulent scheme was so well-orchestrated that the victim, trusting the assurance of the so-called officers, believed the money would be returned after a verification process.

Victim’s Distraught Account

“I received my retirement settlement on May 2. My son’s visa appointment was set for May 17. But on May 14, I was deceived into transferring ₹85 lakh,” recounted the victim. The retired officer expressed suspicion about potential involvement of bank officials, questioning the lack of proper KYC for Rana Garments at HDFC Bank’s Uttam Nagar branch.

Bank and Police Response

In response, HDFC Bank’s Uttam Nagar branch has lodged a police complaint regarding the fraud. The investigation has been taken up by the Visakhapatnam Crime Branch, which has already gathered critical documents from HDFC Bank. There are also allegations suggesting the complicity of some bank officials in the scam.

Investigation Leads and Developments

Police sources indicate they have obtained several leads in the case. Upon visiting the listed address for Rana Garments in Delhi, it was discovered that another company occupied the space, and the owner of Rana Garments remains untraceable. This discovery points to deeper layers of deception employed by the fraudsters.

Precautionary Advice from the Victim

The retired executive, reflecting on his ordeal, cautioned the public against accepting video calls from unknown numbers on platforms like WhatsApp. His warning comes from the harrowing experience of being threatened with jail time for alleged involvement in narcotics and money laundering cases fabricated by the scammers.


This alarming case highlights the sophisticated methods used by fraudsters to exploit unsuspecting individuals. It underscores the necessity for vigilance and verification, especially when large sums of money are involved. As the investigation continues, authorities urge the public to remain cautious and report any suspicious activities to the police immediately.

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