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Ravanth Reddy at Kumari Aunty Food Stall Hyderabad

Ravanth Reddy at Kumari Aunty Food Stall Hyderabad

Kumari Aunty, the culinary maestro behind a thriving multi-cuisine food stall since 2011, found herself in the limelight recently due to her social media popularity. The bustling eatery became a hotspot, drawing crowds, including celebrities. However, it faced a potential relocation, sparking a series of events that ultimately led to the intervention of Chief Minister Revanth Reddy.

Culinary Stardom and Social Media Rise

A Decade of Culinary Excellence

Established in 2011, Kumari Aunty’s multi-cuisine food stall had been serving delectable dishes, gaining a loyal customer base over the years.

Social Media Spotlight

The stall catapulted to fame through social media, attracting a surge of visitors, including celebrities, turning it into a local sensation.

CM Revanth Reddy’s Timely Intervention

Government Support for Local Entrepreneurs

In response to the potential relocation, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy swiftly acted, directing the Telangana DGP & MAUD to reconsider their decision. In a statement, Chief Public Relations Officer Ayodhya Reddy Boreddy shared CM Revanth Reddy’s directive, emphasizing the government’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs like Kumari Aunty.

Assurance of Stability

The Chief Minister’s directive assured that Kumari Aunty’s stall would remain in its current location, reinforcing the government’s dedication to “Prajala Palana,” standing by entrepreneurs and supporting the less privileged.

Political Allegations and Counterclaims

YSR Congress Accusations

The issue took a political turn when leaders from the ruling YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh accused opposition leaders Nara Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan of involvement in the stall’s potential closure.

Government’s Response

Denying the allegations, the YSR Congress claimed that the incident occurred after the YS Jagan Reddy government provided a house to Sai Kumari, the owner of ‘Kumari Aunty.’ Sai Kumari hails from Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh.

Unveiling the Human Aspect

Congress Government’s Commitment

In a reassuring tweet, Ayodhya Reddy Boreddy highlighted the Congress government’s pledge to stand by the less privileged and promised a visit to Kumari Aunty’s stall shortly.

Kumari Aunty Stall Triumphs in Hyderabad! CM Revokes Police Directive Amidst Public Outcry

In a dramatic turn of events, the widely-loved Kumari Aunty Stall, initially ordered to relocate by the Hyderabad Traffic Police, is set to resume operations at its original location. The intervention of Telangana’s Chief Minister, A. Revanth Reddy, has paved the way for Dasari Sai Kumari, affectionately known as Kumari Aunty, to host the CM after his decisive overruling of the Cyberabad police’s directive.

The Battle for the Streetside Haven

Situated in the bustling HITEC City, the streetside eatery faced an eviction notice due to alleged traffic congestion triggered by a surge in patrons, fueled by social media buzz surrounding the stall. The chaotic scene unfolded in close proximity to the prestigious ITC Kohenur hotel and Inorbit Mall.

A Culinary Hub on Social Media Radar

Kumari Aunty’s food stall witnessed an unprecedented influx of visitors, not limited to enthusiastic food bloggers documenting their experiences on Instagram and YouTube. Even notable celebrities joined the ranks of customers, drawn to savor the delights offered by the renowned establishment.

Content creators, averaging around 200 daily, formed a significant portion of the clientele. Some patrons faced fines on Tuesday for parking infractions around the eatery, as reported by Ganesh Patel, a traffic police inspector in the Raidurgam jurisdiction.

From Eviction to Online Uproar

In a surprising turn of events, Kumari Aunty was asked to relocate within Hyderabad, sparking a wave of support from netizens. An online campaign swiftly emerged, rallying behind the food stall owner and pleading for the survival of her cherished business.

Hours later, Chief Minister Reddy caught wind of the unfolding events, prompting him to reverse the police’s decision and safeguard Kumari Aunty’s streetside haven.

Political Support for Entrepreneurial Spirit

A spokesperson for the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) conveyed, “Honorable CM Sri Anumula Revanth Reddy directed the Telangana DGP & MAUD to rescind their decision to shift Kumari Aunty’s streetside eatery.” The spokesperson further emphasized, “She will stay in her place. Prajala Palana means the govt. stands by entrepreneurs. Congress govt will stand by the poor & visit her stall shortly.”

Legal Standpoint on Eviction

Addressing the situation, traffic police inspector Ganesh Patel clarified that the police lacked the authority to authorize eviction or relocation.

This remarkable turn of events underscores the power of public opinion and political intervention, ensuring that Kumari Aunty Stall retains its place as a beloved culinary destination in Hyderabad.

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