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National Investigation Agency (NIA) Conducts Raids in Telangana

National Investigation Agency (NIA) Conducts Raids in Telangana

National Investigation Agency (NIA) Conducts Raids in Various Regions of the City

In a recent development, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has conducted raids in several areas of the city. The raids were carried out in the residence of Varavaravu Alludu in Himayatnagar and Elbeengar, where Ravi Sharma, the editor of Veekshanam newspaper resides. These raids come in light of allegations of connections with Maoists.

Allegations of Maoist Links

The NIA conducted these raids amidst allegations of connections with Maoist groups. It is reported that the investigations revealed suspicious activities linking these individuals with Maoists. Particularly, it is alleged that Ravi Sharma had ties with Maoist elements.

Details of the Raids

The raids commenced early morning at 4 a.m. in the residence of Varavaravu Alludu in Himayatnagar and continued for about five hours. Similar operations were carried out at Ravi Sharma’s residence in Elbeengar. During these raids, materials and documents related to Maoist activities were seized for further investigation.

Arrests Made by the Police

In a significant development, the police arrested Deepak, a member of the Maoist central committee, in Cuckatpalli. Deepak was apprehended based on the information obtained during the raids conducted at Ravi Sharma’s residence. Further details regarding the arrests and the information gathered from Deepak are yet to be disclosed.

Ongoing Investigations

The NIA, along with local law enforcement agencies, is conducting thorough investigations into the matter. The raids and subsequent arrests mark a significant step in the efforts to curb Maoist activities in the region. Authorities are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring the safety and security of the citizens.

Raids in Himayatnagar and Elbinagar

In a coordinated operation across various neighborhoods, the NIA carried out extensive raids, targeting locations suspected to be linked with extremist activities.

Cooperation with Local Authorities

These raids, conducted in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies, aimed to gather crucial evidence and disrupt any potential threats posed by extremist elements.

Significant Arrests Made

During the operation, notable arrests were made, including Deepak, a member of the Maoist Central Committee, apprehended in the vicinity of Kukatpally by the police.

Investigation into Alleged Maoist Links

The raids stemmed from suspicions of connections with Maoist insurgents, prompting a thorough investigation into individuals and organizations suspected of aiding or collaborating with such groups.

Ongoing Inquiry

The NIA, in conjunction with state authorities, is continuing its inquiry into these matters, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and swift action in combating extremist activities.

Public Cooperation Urged

Authorities have urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or individuals to assist in maintaining peace and security within the region.


The recent raids conducted by the NIA underscore the government’s commitment to combating insurgency and maintaining law and order in the region. With ongoing investigations, it is expected that more information will surface regarding the alleged connections with Maoist groups. The arrests made during these operations reflect the collaborative efforts of various law enforcement agencies in tackling security threats effectively.

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