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Mahabubnagar Assembly Constituency

Mahabubnagar Assembly Constituency

Mahabubnagar Assembly Constituency is a city that exudes an enigmatic charm. With its rich historical significance, vibrant culture, and awe-inspiring natural landscapes, it has emerged as a hidden gem in South India. From ancient temples and palaces to serene lakes and picturesque hills, Mahbubnagar offers a myriad of experiences for travelers seeking an offbeat destination. In this article, we will take you on a virtual journey through the captivating city of Mahbubnagar, unraveling its secrets and highlighting its attractions.

Discovering the Architectural Marvel: Pillalamarri Banyan

Tree One of the most awe-inspiring attractions in Mahbubnagar is the Pillalamarri Banyan Tree. This colossal tree, estimated to be over 700 years old, is a sight to behold. With its extensive canopy spread across nearly 3 acres, it creates a mesmerizing spectacle. The intertwining branches and roots form a natural labyrinth, inviting visitors to explore its enchanting depths. The Pillalamarri Banyan Tree is not just a natural wonder but also holds cultural significance, making it a must-visit destination in Mahbubnagar.

Divine Serenity at Alampur Temples

For the spiritually inclined, Mahbubnagar offers a spiritual retreat in the form of the Alampur Temples. Located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, these ancient temples are known for their architectural brilliance and religious significance. Dedicated to various Hindu deities, the temples boast intricate carvings, towering spires, and ornate sculptures. The tranquil ambiance and spiritual aura of Alampur make it an ideal place for soul-searching and introspection.

List of MLAs from Mahbubnagar Assembly Constituency

YearWinner Candidates NamePartyVotesRunner UPPartyVotes
2018V. SRINIVAS GOUDTelangana Rashtra Samithi86474M. CHANDRA SHEKARTelugu Desam28699
2014Srinivas Goud. VTRS45447Yennam Srinivas ReddyBJP42308
2012Yennam Srinivas ReddyBJP39385Ibrahim SyedTRS37506
2009N.Rajeshwar ReddyIND38247Syed IbrahimTRS33110
2004Puli VeerannaIND63110P.Chandra SekharTDP43828
1999Chandra SekharTDP51065Puli VeerannaINC44377
1994Chandra SekarTDP59849Puli VeerannaINC24716
1989Puli VeerannaINC48780ChandrasekharTDP42739
1985Chandra SekharTDP44364G. SahadevINC30915
1983P. Chandra ShekarIND28202M. A. ShukoorINC19965
1978M.Ram ReddyINC(I)23861K.K.ReddyJNP12349
1972Ibrahim Ali AnsariINC25266T. Rajeshwar ReddyBJS18605
1967M. I. AliINC24846R. ReddyBJS7746
1962M. Ram ReddyIND15282Mohamed Ibrahim AliINC11630
1957Eguru ChinnappaPP8840M. RamreddiPSP7217

Government Orders Issued

Administrative Approval for construction of 4 Check Dams in Mahabubnagar Assembly Constituency in Mahabubnagar District for an amount of Rs.1148.60 Lakhs accorded.

The Engineer-in-Chief (General), Hyderabad in his letters has submitted proposals for the construction of four (4) check dams in villages Gundyal, Ibrahimbad, Munimoksham & Vepoor in Mahabubnagar Assembly Constituency in Mahabubnagar district for an amount of Rs.1226.56 Lakhs under the head of account 4702-00-101-25-12-530-531.

2. After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby accords Administrative Approval for an amount of Rs.11,48,60,000/- (Rupees Eleven Crores, Forty Eight Lakhs and Sixty Thousand only) for “Construction of following four (4) Check dams in Mahabubnagar Assembly Constituency in Mahabubnagar District in relaxation to para 3(3) to Govt.Memo.No.1563/MI2/2019-1, I&CAD(MI) Dept., Dated 27.04.2019 in respect of Check dam at Sl.No.1 of the table with the following conditions:

Name of the WorkAmount ( lakhs)
1Construction of Check dam across Pedda Vagu,Ibrahimbad-2 (V), Hanwada(M)277.5
2Construction of Check dam across Pedda Vagu, Munimoksham (V), Hanwada(M)268
3Construction of Check dam across Chinna Vagu, Vepoor-3 (V), Hanwada(M).335
4Construction of Check dam across Pedda Vagu, Gundyal (V), Hanwada(M)268.1
  • The Chief Engineer (I), Mahabubnagar should obtain the approved designs and drawings from the Competent Authority before according the Technical Sanction.

Developmental works in Mahabubnagar Assembly constituency

The Chief Engineer(I), Mahabubnagar should ensure that, the provision for flood banks should be such that water should not be outflanked duly following the G.O.Ms.No.8 I & CAD Dept., dated 08-03-2019 and subsequent Memos issued by the Govt., and ENC (G) Circular.Memo.No.ENC(G)/SE(P&M)/DEE3/AEE8/CDs/Guidelines /2021, dated 21-10-2021.

  • The Chief Engineer(I), Mahabubnagar is responsible for the necessity and location of the Check dam and length of check dam.
  • The Chief Engineer(I), Mahabubnagar is responsible for the necessity and length of flood banks on either side of the check dam.
  • The Chief Engineer (I), Mahabubnagar should ensure that the water spread area of two adjacent check dams if any, is not overlapped.
  • The expenditure sanctioned in para (2) above shall be debited to the Head of Account  “4702-00-101-GH 25-SH 12-530-531”.  
  • The Engineer-in-Chief (General), Hyderabad/Chief Engineer (Irrigation), Mahabubnagar shall take necessary action accordingly.
  • This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (EBS.IX) Department vide their U.O.No.1712497/117/A1/EBS.IX/2022, Dated 03.04.2023.

G.O.Rt.No. 127  Dated: 03-05-2023. Read the following:- 

  1. From the ENC(General), I&CAD Dept., Hyderabad Lr.No.ENC (General)/P&M)/SE/DCE/DEE.8/AEE.23/CDs/Hanwada(M)/6816, Dated 05.09.2022.
  2. From the ENC(General), I&CAD Dept., Hyderabad Lr.No.ENC (General)/P&M)/SE/DCE/DEE.8/AEE.23/CDs/Hanwada(M)/, Dated 20.09.2022.

Government have accorded administrative sanction for Rs.200.00 lakh per Assembly Constituency, under the scheme of Special Development Fund for the year 2016-17, for taking up developmental works, as per the recommendation of the respective Hon’ble Ministers authorized, for all the districts.

  • District Collector, Mahabubnagar, while forwarding the original recommendation of the Hon’ble Minister for Panchayat Raj & Rural Development, who is the authorized Minister for Mahabubnagar District, has recommended vide reference for sanction of Rs.200.00 lakh for taking up (47) developmental works in Mahabubnagar Assembly constituency, Mahabubnagar District, from the Special Development Fund amount earmarked for each Constituency. 
  • Finance (EBS-I) Department have issued the Budget Release Order (BRO) for an amount of Rs.517.31 crore under the state plan scheme of “Special Development Fund for Welfare and Development Activities” from the budget.
  • After careful examination Government hereby sanction and release an amount of Rs.200.00 lakh (Rupees Two hundred lakh only) for taking up developmental works in Mahabubnagar Assembly Constituency, Mahabubnagar District under the scheme Special Development Fund. The list of works sanctioned is appended as Annexure to this order.
  • The District Collector, Mahabubnagar shall arrange to ground the above works after receipt of the line estimates and technical sanctions not exceeding the amount sanctioned, duly approved by the competent authority. The District Collector, Mahabubnagar shall also ensure that the works sanctioned above were not taken up previously under any other scheme. He shall also apprise the Hon’ble Minister for Panchayat Raj & Rural Development, about the sanction of the works before execution.
  • The District Collector, Mahabubnagar is hereby authorized to draw and incur the expenditure for the works sanctioned and shall monitor the progress of works on a regular basis and shall furnish utilization certificate after completion of the sanctioned works. 
  • Separate accounts shall be maintained for the works sanctioned under Rs.2.00 crore per Assembly Constituency under Special Development Fund scheme. The sanctioned works shall be executed by the respective departments strictly following the departmental guidelines in vogue.
Sl. No.MandalVillageName of the workEst.  Cost ( lakh)Category
1MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Community Hall (Multipurpose) at Koilkonda X Road, Near Sunnam batti, Mahabubnagar5.00SCSP
2MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Community Hall (Multipurpose) near Renuka Yellamma Temple Opp: ZP Office Mahabubnagar   3.00General
3MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Community Hall (Multipurpose) near Reddy Seva Samithi at Gollabanda Thanda   Mahabubnagar    5.00TSP
4MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Community Hall (Multipurpose) near SS Gutta Thanda at Mahabubnagar5.00TSP
5MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Community Hall (Multipurpose)  near Station Area Masjid, Mahabubnagar5.00General
6MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Community Hall (Multipurpose)  near Masjid Area at Doddalonipalli, Mahabubnagar  5.00SCSP
7MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Community Hall (Multipurpose) near Are Katike Sangam Bhavan  T.D. Gutta Area,  Mahabubnagar5.00General
8MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction  of Multipurpose Community Hall Near Panduranga Swamy Temple at Old DMHO’s Office, Mahabubnagar5.00General
9MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction  of Multipurpose Community Hall for 22nd Ward Mahila Groups Opp: Pandu Ranga Swamy Temple  Old DMHO’s Office, Mahabubnagar5.00General
10MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Dining Hall at  Govt. Girls Junior College, Mahabubnagar5.00General
11MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Compound wall for Multipurpose Community Hall Near Pochamma Temple  at Hanumanpura, Mahabubnagar  3.00SCSP
12MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of  Multipurpose Community Hall at Rajiv Gruha Kalpa area At Bandameedipalli Revenue Ward,  Mahabubnagar5.00General
13MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of  Multipurpose Community Hall at Rajiv Gruha Kalpa Near Masjid Bandameedipalli Revenue Ward, Mahabubnagar 2.00General
Sl. No.MandalVillageName of the workEst.  Cost ( lakh)Category
14MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction  of Multipurpose Community Hall  for 2nd Ward Mahila Sangalu at Laxminagar Colony Mahabubnagar5.00General
15MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Multipurpose Community Hall at Veera Nagamma Devalayam at Thimmasanipalli area Mahabubnagar2.50SCSP
16MahabubnagarMahabubnagarProviding of a  Light (Lamps) in Municipal area Mahabubnagar5.00General
17MahabubnagarMahabubnagarLeveling of ground and Providing of Walking Track at Govt. Boys Junior College Ground, Mahabubnagar 5.00General
18MahabubnagarMahabubnagarProviding of Common Use Shed at Bala Bhavan near Yoga Centre, Mahabubnagar5.00General
19MahabubnagarMahabubnagarLeveling of ground and Providing of Walking Track at Govt. B.Ed., College Ground, Mahabubnagar 5.00General
20MahabubnagarMahabubnagarProviding of Washing Rooms with Sintex Water Tank facility at Govt. Boys Junior College Grounds, Mahabubnagar5.00General
21MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Cultural; recreation Hall & Yoga centre at TNGO Bhavan Telangana Chowarastha, Mahabubnagar5.00General
22MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Multipurpose Community Hall Near Seetha Ramanjaneya swamy temple at Veerannapet area Mahabubnagar5.00SCSP
23MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Multipurpose Community Hall near Monappagutta, Mahabubnagar5.00General
24MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Multipurpose Community Hall near Veera Musti Sanga Bhavan  Ganesh Nagar  Mahabubnagar 5.00SCSP
25MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Multipurpose Community Hall near Mouneshwara Swamy Temple, Monappa Gutta Mahabubnagar 5.00General
26MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Multipurpose Community Hall near Bhavana Nirmana Karmika Sangam, Industrial Area Mahabubnagar 5.00General
27MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Compound wall to Multipurpose Community Hall at Saddalagundu 39th ward near Hanuman Temple,Mahabubnagar  3.00TSP
Sl. No.MandalVillageName of the workEst.  Cost ( lakh)Category
28MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of drain at SS Gutta near Dargha Hazrath Syed Mardan Ali, Mahabubnagar  3.00TSP
29MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of CC Road in Vepoor village Hanwada Mandal5.00General
30MahabubnagarMahabubnagar Construction of CC Road from Dr. Pasha (H) to Kammari Bheemaiah (H)  & Peerla Kottadi to N. Gopal (H)  at Hanwada 5.00General
31MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Multipurpose of Community Hall at Naibramhan Colony, Hanwada5.00General
32MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Community Hall (Multipurpose) at Kotakadra  Mahabubnagar (M)5.00General
33MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Community Hall (Multipurpose) at B.C. Colony  Ramchandrapoor village Mahabubnagar Mandal5.00General
34MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of (DWCRA) Building at Appaipalli Mahabubnagar Mandal5.00General
35MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Community Hall (Common Shelter) near Shivalayam at Kodoor Stage (Appaipalli) Mahabubangr Mandal2.00General
36MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of DWCRA Building Shed at Machanpalli, Mahabubnagar Mandal2.00General
37MahabubnagarMahabubnagarLaying of CC Road at at Allipur, Mahabubnagar Mandal2.50SCSP
38MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Kitchen Shed at PS Appaipalli, Mahabubnagar Mandal0.50General
39MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Compound wall to Mahila Mandal (DWCRA) Building at KotakadraMahabubnagar Mandal2.00General
40MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Compound wall to Mahila Mandal (DWCRA) Building at Kodoor  Mahabubnagar Mandal3.00General
41MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction compound wall to Multipurpose Community Hall Near Hanuman Temple at Ramchandrapoor, Mahabubnagar Mandal2.50General
42MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Multipurpose  Community Hall  at B.C. Colony, Dharmapoor, Mahabubnagar Mandal5.00General
43MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of CC Road & Side drain at Chowdarpalli  Mahabubnagar Mandal5.00General
Sl. No.MandalVillageName of the workEst.  Cost ( lakh)Category
44MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of  Mahila (DWCRA) Building Shed & Bathrooms at Machanpalli, Mahabubangar Mandal4.00General
45MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Multipurpose Community Hall  at 32 ward Sanjeevanagar near Veeranjaneya swamy & Shivalayam Mahabubnagar Town5.00TSP
46MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of compound wall & Archi to Edga, Vanagutta, Mahabubnagar5.00General
47MahabubnagarMahabubnagarConstruction of Community Hall (Multipurpose) at Buduga Jangala Colony, Dharmapoor, Mahabubnagar(M)5.00SCSP

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