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తెలంగాణ ప్రజాపాలనకు మార్గదర్శకాలు Guidelines for Telangana Prajapalana Application

తెలంగాణ ప్రజాపాలనకు మార్గదర్శకాలు Guidelines for Telangana Prajapalana Application

Government Services: Praja Palana Scheme in Telangana

In the vibrant state of Guidelines for Telangana Prajapalana Application, a groundbreaking initiative awaits you—the Praja Palana Scheme (also known as Abhaya Hastham Scheme or TS 6 Guarantee Scheme). This unique program serves as your gateway to effortless access to government services, allowing you to voice your concerns directly, without the interference of middlemen. The crucial detail to note is that applications for this empowering scheme will close on January 6, 2024.

Navigating Praja Palana Scheme: Understanding Eligibility

Scheme Overview:

  • Name: Praja Palana Scheme, Abhaya Hastham, TS 6 Guarantee Scheme
  • Launched By: Government of Telangana
  • Benefit: Facilitating application for various schemes
  • Launch Year: 2024
  • Beneficiaries: Citizens of Telangana State
  • Official Website:

Documenting Your Access: The Significance of Documents

For seamless participation in the Praja Palana Scheme, assembling the right documentation is paramount. From the validation of your identity through the Aadhar card to providing proof of your residence in Telangana, understanding the required documents is essential for a successful application.

Meeting the Criteria: Praja Palana Scheme Eligibility

1. Permanent Residency in Telangana: Applicants must establish themselves as permanent residents of Telangana. This criterion ensures that the benefits of the scheme are localized, directly benefiting the residents of Telangana.

Enhancing Rural Governance: Appointment of Senior I.A.S Officers for Praja Palana Program

In a significant move towards bolstering rural development, the Government of Telangana, through the Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department, has initiated the Praja Palana Program. This program aims to bring about positive changes in the grassroots governance structure. In line with this, senior I.A.S officers have been appointed as Erstwhile District Nodal Officers, playing a crucial role in ensuring the effective implementation of the program. Let’s delve into the details of this transformative development.

Empowering Districts: Strategic Appointments

In a G.O.Rt dated 27-12-2023, the Government of Telangana, under the Panchayat Raj and Rural Development (GP.FIN) Department, has announced the appointment of esteemed I.A.S officers as Nodal Officers for various districts. This strategic move is geared towards empowering and guiding the district administrations for the successful execution of the Praja Palana Program.

The Designated Nodal Officers

The appointed Nodal Officers, along with their respective districts, are as follows:

  1. A. Devasena, I.A.S – Karimnagar
  2. T.K. Sreedevi, I.A.S – Mahabubnagar
  3. M. Raghunandan Rao, I.A.S – Khammam
  4. B. Venkatesham, I.A.S – Rangareddy
  5. Vakati Karuna, I.A.S – Warangal
  6. K. Nirmala, I.A.S – Hyderabad
  7. S. Sangeetha, I.A.S – Medak
  8. M. Prashanthi, I.A.S – Adilabad
  9. R.V. Karnan, I.A.S – Nalgonda
  10. Christina Z Chongthu, I.A.S – Nizamabad

Nodal Officer Responsibilities

The appointed Nodal Officers carry the responsibility of touring their designated districts, providing guidance to the district administrations, and ensuring the high-quality implementation of the Praja Palana Program. This hands-on approach aims to address the unique challenges and intricacies of each district, fostering a more responsive and efficient governance structure.

Driving Positive Change

By leveraging the expertise and leadership of senior I.A.S officers, the Praja Palana Program is poised to drive positive change at the grassroots level. These officers, with their wealth of experience, will act as catalysts for transformation, steering the districts towards sustainable development.

New Leadership for Praja Palana Program Implementation

In a transformative move, the Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department are making strategic appointments to bolster the Praja Palana Program. This initiative aims to uplift rural communities by appointing seasoned I.A.S officers as Erstwhile District Nodal Officers. In a recent development, modifications have been introduced through official orders dated December 27, 2023, under G.O.Rt.No.692 by the PANCHAYAT RAJ AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT (GP.FIN) DEPARTMENT.

Restructuring Leadership: Amendments to G.O.Rt.No.691

Building upon the framework established in G.O.Rt.No.691 of the Panchayat Raj and Rural Development (GP.Fin) Department, dated December 27, 2023, the recent orders bring about essential modifications to optimize the program’s effectiveness.

Dynamic Leadership Changes

  1. Shruti Ojha, I.A.S, Takes Charge in Rangareddy District In a significant shift, Shruti Ojha, I.A.S, assumes the role of Nodal Officer for the erstwhile Rangareddy District, succeeding B. Venkatesham, I.A.S.
  2. M. Haritha, I.A.S, Leads Nizamabad District The appointment of M. Haritha, I.A.S, as the Nodal Officer for the erstwhile Nizamabad District marks a strategic change, replacing Christina Z Chonghtu, I.A.S.

Nodal Officer’s Mandate

The Nodal Officers, in their pivotal roles, are entrusted with the responsibility to tour, guide the district administration, and ensure the seamless and quality implementation of the Praja Palana Program in their respective districts.

Driving Excellence: The Role of Nodal Officers

Strategic Guidance

The Nodal Officers are not mere figureheads; they play a crucial role in providing strategic guidance to the district administration. This involves aligning the implementation of the Praja Palana Program with local needs and challenges.

Quality Assurance

One of the primary objectives of the Nodal Officers is to ensure the quality execution of the program. They act as custodians of excellence, overseeing that the Praja Palana Program’s benefits reach the intended beneficiaries effectively.

Community Engagement

To foster community engagement, the Nodal Officers actively participate in community-oriented initiatives. Their presence in the field is integral to understanding the unique requirements of each district and tailoring the program accordingly.


With these strategic appointments and modifications, the Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department are reinforcing their commitment to effective rural governance. The Praja Palana Program, under the dynamic leadership of appointed I.A.S officers, is poised to make a lasting impact on rural communities, bringing about positive change and sustainable development.

The appointment of Senior I.A.S Officers as Erstwhile District Nodal Officers underscores the commitment of the Telangana Government to elevate rural governance. The Praja Palana Program, guided by these seasoned officers, is set to become a beacon of effective and responsive governance, ultimately improving the lives of those in the rural communities. As these officers embark on their roles, the landscape of rural development in Telangana is destined for positive and impactful changes.

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