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Group 2 Exam Postponed TSPSC

Group 2 Exam Postponed TSPSC

In a significant announcement, Group 2 Exam Postponed TSPSC ,he Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) has declared that the Telangana Assembly Elections, scheduled for November 30, will proceed as planned. This decision comes following the directive from the Central Election Commission.

Group-II Examinations to Continue as Scheduled

Furthermore, the TSPSC has confirmed that the Group-II Examinations will continue as scheduled despite the ongoing electoral activities. With electoral codes in effect across the state, this decision signifies the commitment of the authorities to conduct these examinations with utmost integrity and transparency.

Collector’s Clarification on Examination Arrangements

Collectors have clarified that the upcoming examinations on November 2 and 3 will not face any disruption due to the electoral process. This reassurance should ease the concerns of candidates who are preparing for these crucial exams.

Rescheduled Dates for Group 2 Exam Postponed TSPSC

As a result of this decision, the Group-II Examinations, initially slated for November 2 and 3, will now take place on January 6 and 7. This rescheduling aims to ensure that the examination process remains fair and unhindered by electoral activities.

In conclusion, the Telangana State Public Service Commission’s decision to proceed with the Assembly Elections and Group-II Examinations despite the electoral codes demonstrates their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of governance and transparency. Candidates preparing for these examinations can rest assured that their opportunities for success remain intact.

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The Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) made this decision in response to the Election Commission of India announcing the schedule for the State Legislative Assembly elections.

The rescheduling of the test date was necessary because it coincided with the election notification date. Additionally, considering that the crucial administrative machinery would be engaged in election-related activities, the Commission deemed it prudent to make this adjustment.

It’s worth noting that a total of 783 vacancies for Group-II positions were initially announced by the TSPSC, and an impressive 5,51,943 candidates had registered for these positions.


In the light of the schedule for conduct of General Elections to the Telangana State Legislative Assembly announced by Election Commission of India on 09/10/2023, the Commission after careful examination of the matter decided to reschedule the Group-II examination (Notification No: 28/2022) scheduled to be held on 2nd  and 3rd November 2023 to 6th and 7th  January 2024  in view of the examination date (3rd November) coinciding with the election notification date and since the critical administrative machinery will be preoccupied with election related activities.

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