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GHX to Expand Capability Centre in Hyderabad

GHX to Expand Capability Centre in Hyderabad

In a significant move, Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) has officially named Swastik Bihani as the Managing Director and Country Head of India. GHX to Expand Capability Centre in Hyderabad, This strategic decision marks a new chapter for GHX India’s Global Capability Center (GCC) located in Hyderabad. Bihani’s mandate will be to spearhead expansion efforts, ensuring continuity, resilience, and an unwavering focus on enhancing customer experience. With a wealth of experience spanning technology and enterprise cybersecurity, Bihani is poised to steer GHX India towards even greater success.

Leading Expansion and Elevating Value Enablement

Swastik Bihani’s appointment holds paramount importance in the backdrop of the ongoing digital transformation within the healthcare industry. The imperative to invest in a highly skilled global workforce has never been greater. In acknowledgment of this trend, CJ Singh, Chief Technology Officer of GHX, stated, “The healthcare industry is on a digital transformation journey, making investments in a highly skilled global workforce more important than ever.”

Hyderabad: The Fitting Choice for Global Expansion

The selection of Hyderabad as the center for GHX’s global expansion is driven by strategic considerations. Hyderabad is a burgeoning technical hub and one of India’s fastest-growing cities, rendering it a natural fit for GHX’s expansion ambitions. CJ Singh further emphasized that Hyderabad’s rapid development positions it perfectly to play a pivotal role in GHX’s journey of global expansion and innovation.

Swastik Bihani: A Profile of Expertise

Swastik Bihani brings to GHX India a wealth of experience accrued over 15 years. His expertise extends across technology, enterprise cybersecurity, and leadership of high-performance teams. An alumnus of UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, Bihani’s career has spanned geographies including the US, UK, Brazil, and India. Notably, he held the position of Head of Products & GM at PayPal, India, overseeing comprehensive operational aspects. Moreover, his role as the founding VP of Product Management at Simility, a company acquired for $120M, highlights his strategic prowess. Bihani’s leadership roles at Juniper Networks and CipherCloud further underscore his industry expertise.

A Vision for Excellence in Healthcare

Upon his appointment, Bihani expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m delighted to join the GHX team and contribute to the organization’s mission to simplify the business of healthcare and improve outcomes.” His vision aligns with GHX’s mission of operational excellence and unwavering customer focus. Bihani’s confidence in the capabilities, experience, and diverse perspectives of the team he is building sets the tone for the organization’s journey ahead.

Unveiling Ambitious Workforce Expansion

GHX is committed to a robust expansion strategy in India. The organization aims to triple its workforce in the country by 2025, with an emphasis on bolstering its Engineering and Operations teams. This move is set to amplify GHX’s existing technological capabilities and drive large-scale innovation. Notably, this strategy aligns with the trajectory of other industry giants like Salesforce and Cisco, who have successfully harnessed India Global Capability Centers (GCCs) to fuel innovation and sustained growth.

Strategic Partnerships for a Healthier Future

GHX’s commitment to healthcare’s future and strategic growth in India was highlighted through a meeting between Chrystie Leonard, Chief Customer Experience Officer of GHX, and Kalvakuntla Taraka (K.T.) Rama Rao, Minister for IT, Industries and Municipal Administration of Telangana. The discussions revolved around GHX’s vision and strategic plans, with notable attendees including Jayesh Ranjan IAS, Principal Secretary, Industries and Commerce Department, and Shakthi M Nagappan, Director Lifesciences, Government of Telangana.

Hyderabad: The Health-Tech Mecca

Rama Rao underscored Hyderabad’s allure, citing its amalgamation of a skilled workforce, robust healthcare and IT infrastructure, government support, and compelling cost advantages. These factors combine to position Hyderabad as an attractive hub for healthcare technology companies seeking investment and growth opportunities in India. Rama Rao’s vision resonates with Hyderabad’s trajectory, as it evolves into a global epicenter for Health-Tech innovation.

Revolutionizing Healthcare with GHX

With a legacy of fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders, Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) is at the forefront of driving the new era of healthcare business. GHX’s pivotal role lies in automating critical business processes, translating data-driven insights into actionable strategies, and propelling the healthcare ecosystem towards greater efficiency and outcomes. GHX’s impact is evident in the billions of dollars of wasteful healthcare spend that healthcare organizations have successfully eliminated with its support.


Swastik Bihani’s appointment as Managing Director and Country Head of India for GHX marks a significant milestone in the organization’s journey. With a strategic focus on expansion, innovation, and customer-centricity, GHX is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare. As Hyderabad emerges as a beacon of Health-Tech innovation, GHX’s commitment to excellence shines through its suite of cloud-based supply chain solutions, which can be explored further at and The Healthcare Hub.

GHX’s Bold Workforce Expansion Plans in India: Engineering and Operations Teams at the Forefront

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) is on the cusp of a transformative journey, with ambitious plans to magnify its workforce in India threefold by the year 2025. The primary thrust of this expansion strategy revolves around the augmentation of its engineering and operations teams, a pivotal step that will be chiefly realized through the strategic growth of its Global Capability Center situated in the dynamic city of Hyderabad.

Gearing Up for Exponential Growth

GHX’s resolute commitment to fortify its presence in India stems from its vision to meet the burgeoning demands of the evolving healthcare landscape. By meticulously tripling its workforce, GHX is gearing up to advance its offerings and capabilities, thereby contributing significantly to the healthcare sector’s innovative progression.

The Heart of the Expansion: Engineering and Operations

Central to GHX’s expansion blueprint is the pivotal role played by its engineering and operations teams. The augmentation of these teams will play a transformative role in catalyzing innovation, operational efficiency, and the seamless delivery of healthcare solutions.

Hyderabad’s Key Role in the Strategy

Hyderabad, often hailed as a burgeoning technological hub, stands as the focal point of GHX’s expansion efforts. With its strong technological ecosystem, skilled workforce, and strategic location, Hyderabad provides the ideal landscape for GHX to execute its bold plans. GHX envisions harnessing the city’s potential to bolster its capabilities and drive industry-wide transformation.

Confluence of Leadership in New York

Recent developments underscore GHX’s strategic vision. Industries Minister KT Rama Rao and GHX’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, Chrystie Leonard, convened in New York, setting the stage for mutual collaboration and growth. The meeting not only solidified GHX’s commitment but also paved the way for impactful dialogues that will shape the future of healthcare technology.

Telangana’s Rising Stature as a Lifesciences Hub

Minister Rama Rao’s enthusiastic response following the meeting reflects the significance of GHX’s expansion plans. He tweeted, “Delighted to learn that Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) will expand its Global Capability Center (GCC) in Hyderabad, reaffirming Telangana’s position as a Global Lifesciences hub.” This reaffirmation underscores Telangana’s growing reputation as a lifesciences powerhouse, poised to drive innovation and transformation.

A Testament to Brand Telangana

Minister Rama Rao further emphasized the gravity of GHX’s expansion, characterizing it as a testament to the growing prominence of Brand Telangana. Such reinvestments, in his view, serve as a resounding endorsement of the state’s endeavors. He tweeted, “Repeat investments like these are a stamp of approval on Brand Telangana that we are creating. We are well and truly on our way to becoming the ‘Health-Tech Mecca’ of the world.” This vision aligns with Telangana’s mission to shape a global narrative of excellence in healthcare technology.

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