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Congress Contemplates Granting Hyderabad MP Seat to MBT

Congress Contemplates Granting Hyderabad MP Seat to MBT

Explore Congress’s strategic move to allocate the Hyderabad MP seat to MBT, aiming to counterbalance AIMIM’s influence and reshape the political landscape in the region. Stay informed on the evolving alliances and battlegrounds for minority votes.

In the dynamic political landscape of Hyderabad, the Congress party is contemplating a strategic move that could reshape the political dynamics in the region. Faced with challenges from the AIMIM-BRS alliance, Congress is considering allocating the Hyderabad Parliamentary seat to MBT, a close rival of MIM in the old city. This move is seen as an attempt to counterbalance the growing influence of AIMIM, especially after the recent Assembly Elections where Congress failed to secure a single Assembly segment in Hyderabad.

MTB: A Potential Foil for Owaisi?

Sources reveal that Congress aims to strengthen its position by aligning with MBT, intending to join forces as part of the INDI Alliance at the National level. The objective is not only to secure victory in Hyderabad but also to position MBT as a prominent player at the national level, countering the dominance of MIM and its president, Asaduddin Owaisi.

From Allies to Rivals?: Examining the Evolving Relationship

The political landscape in Telangana has witnessed intriguing shifts, with former alliances undergoing transformations. Despite the Congress coming to power, AIMIM’s allegiance to BRS has remained unchanged. Congress is now strategizing to challenge MIM consistently, starting with the upcoming parliamentary elections and extending into the future contests.

Yakutpura & Nampally: Battlegrounds for Minority Votes?

In the recent Assembly elections, MBT and Congress went head-to-head against MIM in constituencies like Yakutpura and Nampally in Hyderabad. Both MBT’s Amjedullah Khan and Congress’s Feroz Khan narrowly lost, but with Congress now in power, there is renewed optimism. The Congress leadership anticipates that by promoting MBT, they can secure a significant share of Muslim minority votes not only in Yakutpura and Nampally but also in the remaining five Assembly constituencies of Hyderabad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the motive behind Congress considering MBT for the Hyderabad MP seat?

A1: The Congress party aims to counterbalance the influence of AIMIM in the old city and strengthen its position by aligning with MBT, positioning it as a significant player in the national political arena.

Q2: How has the relationship between AIMIM, BRS, and Congress evolved?

A2: Despite the change in government, AIMIM’s alliance with BRS has remained unchanged. Congress is now strategically planning to challenge AIMIM in various elections.

Q3: In which constituencies did MBT and Congress face off against AIMIM in the recent Assembly elections?

A3: MBT and Congress contested against AIMIM in constituencies like Yakutpura and Nampally in Hyderabad during the recent Assembly elections.


As the political chessboard unfolds in Hyderabad, Congress’s potential alliance with MBT could usher in a new era of competition and cooperation. The upcoming elections will reveal whether this strategic move can indeed disrupt the existing power dynamics and provide Congress with the leverage it seeks.

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