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BJP Leader Murder Case in Kerala 15 Sentenced to Death

BJP Leader Murder Case in Kerala 15 Sentenced to Death

In a landmark verdict, the Alappuzha Court in Kerala has handed down death sentences to 15 individuals convicted in the murder case of a prominent BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) leader. This decision, rendered on Tuesday, marks a significant development in a case that has gripped the state for the past two years.

The Incident

The BJP leader, Ranjit Srinivasan, fell victim to a gruesome murder in Alappuzha on December 19, 2021. The incident unfolded when members of the PFI (Popular Front of India), an organization banned in Kerala for its alleged involvement in unlawful activities, were found guilty of the heinous crime. The court identified 15 individuals as the perpetrators and sentenced them to death, highlighting the severity of their actions.

The Fateful Night

Attack on BJP OBC Morcha State Secretary

Ranjith Sreenivasan, the state secretary of the BJP OBC Morcha, fell victim to a brutal attack on December 19, 2021, within the confines of his own home. The assailants, allegedly affiliated with the Popular Front of India (PFI) and the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), carried out the heinous act in front of his horrified family.

Legal Proceedings Unveiled

Court Findings on Accusations

On January 20, the court discerned that, out of the 15 individuals accused in the case, those numbered one to eight were directly involved in the crime. Additionally, four individuals (accused number nine to 12) were found guilty of murder. Their culpability arose from being armed with deadly weapons and joining those directly involved, with the intention of preventing Sreenivasan from escaping and impeding anyone trying to enter the house upon hearing his cries. The court, acknowledging the prosecution’s argument, held them accountable for the collective offense of murder under IPC Section 149, which deems every member of an unlawful assembly guilty of offenses committed in the prosecution of a common objective.

Conspiracy Unveiled

The court also handed down murder convictions to three others (accused number 13 to 15) who were identified as the masterminds behind the conspiracy to kill Sreenivasan, as highlighted by the Special Public Prosecutor (SPP).

A Series of Tragedies

Linked Incidents

Notably, the BJP leader’s murder unfolded just hours after the assassination of SDPI leader KS Shan on the night of December 18, 2021, as he made his way home in Alappuzha. The back-to-back incidents underscore the alarming wave of political violence gripping the region.

Legal Ramifications

The sentencing of death penalty to such a substantial number of individuals is unprecedented in Kerala’s legal history. The court, recognizing the gravity of the offenses committed, emphasized the need for the harshest punishment. The accused faced allegations ranging from murder to conspiracy, prompting the court to take a stern stance on the matter.

Investigations and Arrests

The murder of Ranjit Srinivasan led to widespread outrage and swift action by law enforcement. Within hours of the incident, police arrested several individuals, including members of the PFI and SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India), who were accused of invading Srinivasan’s residence and perpetrating the crime. Subsequent investigations and court proceedings resulted in the identification of the 15 individuals responsible for the murder.

Political Implications

The political landscape in Kerala witnessed a shift as the BJP leader’s murder became a focal point for both political parties and the public. The incident not only raised concerns about the growing influence of extremist organizations but also prompted a reevaluation of security measures for political figures.

The Social Democratic Party’s Involvement

On December 18, a day before the murder, there was a significant escalation of tensions when a mob associated with the Social Democratic Party of India attacked the residence of K.S. Shan, a leader of the opposition party. This incident foreshadowed the intensity of the subsequent events, ultimately leading to Ranjit Srinivasan’s brutal murder.


The Alappuzha Court’s decision to impose the death penalty on 15 individuals involved in the BJP leader’s murder underscores the severity of the crime and the commitment of the judicial system to deliver justice. As the case unfolds, it raises questions about the broader issues of political violence and extremism in Kerala, demanding a comprehensive and vigilant approach from law enforcement and society at large.

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