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500 gas cylinder in Telangana registration

500 gas cylinder in Telangana registration

To register for a 500 gas cylinder in Telangana, you can visit the official website of the state’s LPG gas distributor or contact their customer care center for assistance. You will need to provide certain documents such as proof of identity, proof of address, bank account details, and an Aadhaar card. Once you have completed the registration process, you can book your gas cylinder online or through the distributor’s mobile app.

Unraveling the Mystery of Rs 500 LPG Cylinders in Telangana


The recent buzz in Telangana surrounds the promise of subsidized LPG cylinders priced at Rs 500, following the formation of the Congress government in the state. With confusion arising around the Mahalakshmi scheme and e-KYC updates, let’s delve into the details and separate fact from fiction.

The WhatsApp Buzz and Confusion

A circulating WhatsApp message claims mandatory registration for the Mahalakshmi scheme at gas agencies in Hyderabad and other Telangana districts to avail LPG cylinders at Rs 500. The message warns of a hefty Rs 1200 price tag for those failing to register, leading to queues at distribution centers in various areas.

E-KYC Update Misunderstanding

The confusion extends to e-KYC updates, with people thinking it’s related to the Mahalakshmi scheme. However, the Union Ministry of Oil and Natural Gas has made e-KYC mandatory for all, unrelated to the scheme. Rumors sparked a rush to update e-KYC details before the December 31 deadline.

The Congress Promise and Reality

The Congress promised the Mahalakshmi scheme, which includes providing LPG cylinders at Rs 500. Although free bus travel for women in the TSRTC has been implemented, the LPG cylinder promise remains unfulfilled. As of now, the Telangana government has not initiated the scheme to offer LPG cylinders at the pledged Rs 500 in Hyderabad and other districts.

Clarifying the E-KYC Deadline

While it’s true that e-KYC needs updating before December 31, it is crucial to recognize that it is unrelated to the scheme promising LPG cylinders at Rs 500. Separate the necessity of e-KYC updates from the ongoing political promises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the Mahalakshmi scheme implemented in Telangana?

A: The Congress government has initiated some aspects, like free bus travel, but the promise of Rs 500 LPG cylinders remains unfulfilled.

Q2: Is the e-KYC update related to the LPG cylinder scheme?

A: No, the e-KYC update, mandated by the Union Ministry of Oil and Natural Gas, is unrelated to the Mahalakshmi scheme.

Q3: Has the Telangana government started providing LPG cylinders at Rs 500?

A: As of now, the scheme to offer LPG cylinders at Rs 500 in Hyderabad and other districts has not been implemented.

Empowering the Masses: Congress Government’s Pledge for Affordable LPG Cylinders and Paddy Bonus

In a resolute declaration, Civil Supplies and Irrigation Minister N. Uttam Kumar Reddy affirms the unwavering commitment of the Congress Government to fulfill its promises within the first hundred days of assuming power. The key assurances include providing LPG cylinders at an affordable rate of ₹500 and extending a bonus of ₹500 for every quintal of paddy. Let’s delve into the details of these transformative initiatives.

Affordable LPG Cylinders under the Mahalakshmi Scheme

Crafting a Path to Accessibility

The Congress Government, under its Mahalakshmi scheme, is diligently working on the logistics to provide LPG cylinders at the economical price of ₹500. This ambitious plan aims to make clean cooking fuel accessible to a broader demographic, fostering a sustainable and healthier living environment.

Calculating the Impact

As the Government fine-tunes the Mahalakshmi scheme, the exact number of beneficiaries is under careful consideration. This meticulous approach ensures that the benefits reach the deserving households, aligning with the government’s commitment to social inclusivity and equitable distribution of resources.

Financial Implications

While the scheme holds immense potential to uplift households by offering affordable LPG cylinders, the financial implications cannot be overlooked. Estimates suggest an annual expenditure ranging from ₹3,000 crore to ₹4,000 crore from the State exchequer. This financial commitment underscores the government’s dedication to prioritizing the well-being of its citizens.

Bonus Incentives for Paddy Cultivation

Catalyzing Agricultural Prosperity

In tandem with the promise of affordable LPG cylinders, the Congress Government is set to provide a bonus of ₹500 per quintal of paddy. This incentive aims to bolster the agricultural sector, providing much-needed support to farmers and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Swift Implementation for Maximum Impact

Acknowledging the urgency of delivering on these commitments, the government is actively working on establishing a robust system for the seamless implementation of the bonus scheme. This proactive approach ensures that farmers reap the benefits expeditiously, contributing to the overall economic upliftment of the agricultural community.


The Congress Government’s steadfast commitment to realizing its promises reflects a vision for a progressive and inclusive society. The Mahalakshmi scheme’s focus on affordable LPG cylinders and the bonus for paddy cultivation underscores a holistic approach to address both urban and rural welfare. As these initiatives take shape, the transformative impact on households and the agricultural landscape is poised to be a testament to the government’s dedication to the prosperity of its citizens.

In the midst of the buzz and confusion, it’s essential to distinguish between political promises and mandatory administrative procedures. Stay informed, update your e-KYC, and await further developments regarding the Rs 500 LPG cylinder promise in Telangana.

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