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22 Land Cruiser Vehicles Worth 66 Cores Hidden in Vijayawada

22 Land Cruiser Vehicles Worth 66 Cores Hidden in Vijayawada

Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has accused the BRS leader, K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), of clandestinely acquiring 22 land cruiser vehicles ahead of the assembly polls. Reddy, aiming to reclaim power, made these allegations during a press conference following the launch of the ‘Praja Palana’ program.

KCR’s Secret Fleet: A Political Intrigue Unveiled

Former Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, anticipating a return to power, purportedly acquired 22 land cruiser vehicles discreetly, as per the claims made by Telangana CM Revanth Reddy. These high-end vehicles were allegedly purchased “without telling anyone” and strategically concealed until after the polls.

The Covert Acquisition

During the press conference, Reddy disclosed that even he, as the Chief Minister, remained unaware of the existence of these vehicles for a significant period. He revealed, “22 land cruisers were bought and hidden. Even I didn’t know for 10 days after becoming CM.” The revelation shocked many, highlighting a secretive and potentially controversial move by KCR.

Government Property in Question

Reddy emphasized that the 22 land cruisers, acquired without public knowledge, were government property. He stated, “KCR went home after losing. He bought them without telling anyone. It is government property,” hinting at a potential misuse of state resources.

Retort to KTR’s Shadow Teams: Reddy’s Counterargument

Responding to KTR’s assertion that the BRS would deploy shadow teams to monitor the Congress government’s performance, CM Reddy questioned the need for such teams. He suggested that instead of shadow teams, the opposition, having been in power until recently, could contribute through constructive criticism and analysis within the assembly.

Opportunity for Opposition

“Why the shadow team, you were ministers till yesterday, you have the ministers with you even after winning or losing. Let them work as shadow ministers,” Reddy urged. He acknowledged the current political dynamics, stating, “Losing the power, people speak in many ways, out of fear and pain. You have an opportunity in the assembly to give suggestions and to analyze our decisions.”

Tackling TSPSC Exam Conundrum: Reddy’s Insights

Shifting the focus to another critical issue in the state, the Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) exam, CM Reddy addressed the ongoing challenges. He highlighted that the president of the board had resigned, and the decision now rested with the governor.

Chairman’s Resignation Impact

“Conducting exams or accepting job applications through TSPSC requires a chairman,” Reddy explained. He further stated, “The present chairman gave the resignation, and the decision is with the Governor. The governor is going to take the decision soon, and right after that, within one year, 2 lakhs jobs will be given.”

In conclusion, the allegations of KCR’s secretive acquisition of luxury vehicles add a layer of intrigue to the political landscape in Telangana. CM Reddy’s responses to the opposition’s plans and insights into the TSPSC exam situation provide a comprehensive overview of the current political scenario in the state.

Unveiling the Controversy: 22 Toyota Land Cruisers Purchased Secretly by Previous BRS Government


In a startling revelation, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy accused the previous BRS government of purchasing 22 Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles without public knowledge. The motive behind this clandestine acquisition was purportedly rooted in the anticipation of K Chandrasekhar Rao’s return to power as Chief Minister. This revelation, made during a press conference, sheds light on the alleged opacity and questionable decisions of the former government.

The Covert Purchase

Reddy expressed his surprise upon learning about the 22 Land Cruisers, emphasizing that even he was unaware of the acquisition until ten days after assuming office. Despite instructing officials not to procure new vehicles for him, Reddy discovered that the previous government had kept the luxury vehicles in Vijayawada, intending to bring them into service once KCR assumed office.

The Financial Implications

Each Land Cruiser, equipped with bulletproof features, reportedly cost a staggering Rs 3 crore. Reddy, adopting a sarcastic tone, remarked on how this covert purchase contributed to the state’s wealth, highlighting the financial implications of such decisions.

Praja Palana Program

Amidst the revelations, Reddy announced the launch of the ‘Praja Palana’ public outreach program. This initiative aims to address public grievances and invites applications from citizens seeking benefits from the six poll guarantees. The program, scheduled from December 28 to January 6, underscores the government’s commitment to transparent governance.

Allegations of Corruption

Reddy did not shy away from accusing leaders of the previous BRS government of looting Rs one lakh crore. He asserted the government’s determination to unearth the alleged financial irregularities and bring those responsible to justice.

Pending Resignations and Future Plans

The Chief Minister mentioned that the resignation letters of Telangana State Public Service Commission chairman and members are pending with the Governor. Once accepted, a new board will be formed, and recruitments are expected to be completed by December 2024 as per the job calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the ‘Praja Palana’ program?

A: The ‘Praja Palana’ program is a public outreach initiative launched by Chief Minister Revanth Reddy. It invites applications from citizens seeking benefits from the six poll guarantees and aims to address public grievances.

Q2: How much did each Land Cruiser cost?

A: Each Land Cruiser, equipped with bulletproof features, reportedly cost Rs 3 crore.

Q3: What are the allegations against the leaders of the previous BRS government?

A: Chief Minister Revanth Reddy alleges that leaders of the previous BRS government looted Rs one lakh crore, and the government is committed to uncovering the alleged financial irregularities.


The revelation of the covert purchase of 22 Toyota Land Cruisers by the previous BRS government adds a layer of controversy to the political landscape. As the government unveils its commitment to transparency and accountability, the ‘Praja Palana’ program becomes a crucial step towards addressing public concerns and grievances.

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