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10,000 Teachers Set for Promotion as School Assistants in Telangana

10,000 Teachers Set for Promotion as School Assistants in Telangana

The Multi-Zone 1 region (Warangal) in the state is poised to witness a significant development with nearly 10,000 teachers across 19 districts being promoted to the position of School Assistants. Reports suggest that the official orders could be announced at any moment, enabling these educators to transition to their new roles promptly.

Massive Promotion for Language Scholars and PETs

Out of the 10,000 teachers set for promotion, approximately 4,900 are language scholars, and 900 are Physical Education Teachers (PETs). The imminent issuance of orders in Multi-Zone 1 indicates a transformative phase for educators in these 19 districts. The new assignments will see these teachers stepping into their roles as soon as the orders are released.

Secondary Grade Teachers to Benefit as Well

In addition to language scholars and PETs, Secondary Grade Teachers (SGTs) will also be promoted to subject specialists. Among the total teachers receiving promotions, more than 5,800 are language scholars and PETs, marking a significant milestone in their careers. This promotion fulfills a 15-year aspiration for many language scholars and PETs who will now serve as School Assistants.

Breakdown of Promotions by Districts

A substantial number of teachers in the Multi-Zone 1 area will benefit from these promotions. For instance, in Nizamabad, 454 language scholars will be promoted, while in Khammam district, 107 PETs will advance to their new roles. These promotions will result in language scholars becoming School Assistant Language Teachers and PETs assuming the roles of School Assistant Physical Directors. Notably, a quarter of these promoted teachers will receive two increments, further recognizing their dedication and service.

Upcoming Promotions in Multi-Zone 2

In the next two to three days, similar promotions are expected to be announced for the Multi-Zone 2 region (Hyderabad), covering 14 districts. This wave of promotions will continue the momentum of recognizing and advancing the careers of dedicated educators across the state.

Impact on the Education Sector

These promotions are not just individual achievements but also a step forward in enhancing the quality of education. By elevating experienced teachers to School Assistants, the education system stands to benefit from their expertise and dedication. This move is expected to improve the educational outcomes for students across these districts.


The promotion of nearly 10,000 teachers to School Assistants in Multi-Zone 1 and the anticipated promotions in Multi-Zone 2 mark a significant development in the education sector. This initiative not only rewards the long-standing service of these educators but also promises to enrich the learning experience for students. The state’s commitment to recognizing and advancing the careers of its teachers is evident in this large-scale promotion drive, setting a precedent for future advancements in the education sector.

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