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Telangana Student Achieve 100 percentile Scores in CAT 2023

Telangana Student Achieve 100 percentile Scores in CAT 2023

In a remarkable feat, two accomplished individuals from Telangana have clinched a flawless 100 percentile in the CAT 2023 results. Telangana Student Achieve 100 percentile Scores in CAT 2023, This significant achievement was announced by the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow on Thursday.

Impressive CAT 2023 Results

A total of 14 candidates, all of them males, have excelled by securing a perfect 100 percentile in the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2023. This entrance test serves as a gateway to admissions into renowned institutions such as IIMs and various other B-Schools across the country. Notably, IIM Lucknow, the institute responsible for declaring the results, has opted not to disclose the identities of these high achievers.

Noteworthy Percentiles

While 29 candidates, including one female candidate, achieved an outstanding 99.99 percentile, it is noteworthy that two of them hail from Telangana. Furthermore, among the 29 candidates scoring a commendable 99.98 percentile, three belong to the vibrant state of Telangana.

Dominance of Engineering Background

This year’s CAT 2023 results reveal a dominance of male candidates with an engineering background securing the coveted 100 percentiles. Impressively, eleven individuals with engineering backgrounds, along with three from non-engineering disciplines, have etched their names in the annals of success.

Exceptional Performances

Among the noteworthy achievers is Amaragani Venu Goud, a former Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) student from NIT-Warangal, who secured an impressive 99.90 percentile. Additionally, current final year students from NIT-Warangal demonstrated stellar performances, with Aviral Tripathi scoring 99.62, Atharva Gaonkar achieving 99.78, and Akella Lakshmana Sai Srikant securing an admirable 98.58 percentile.

In conclusion, the outstanding achievements of these individuals from Telangana underscore the excellence and dedication displayed by aspirants in the CAT 2023 examination. The dominance of engineering backgrounds among the top percentiles further highlights the academic prowess and commitment to excellence in the field.

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