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Ram Mandir Ayodhya opening date 16 Jan 2024

Ram Mandir Ayodhya opening date 16 Jan 2024

Ram Mandir Ayodhya opening date 16 Jan 2024, Unveiling the Majestic Doors of Ram Mandir: A Glimpse into the Grandeur Progress Update on Ram Mandir Construction. The construction of the illustrious Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is well underway, with an impressive 80% completion of the first floor, as revealed by Prakash Gupta, the head of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust. While the roof work remains pending, it is scheduled to be finished by March.

Countdown to the Inauguration of Ram Mandir

The eagerly awaited date for the consecration of Lord Ramlala’s idol in the Ram Mandir is approaching rapidly. On January 22, 2024, the divine presence of Lord Ramlala will grace his abode. Questions about the design of the temple, the number of doors, and the materials used for the doors have been lingering. ABP News brings you exclusive visuals of the captivating doors set to adorn the Ram Mandir, along with insights from Prakash Gupta.

Architectural Marvel: 44 Doors with Golden and Silver Facades

Prakash Gupta shared that the Ram Mandir will feature 44 doors, with 14 adorned in golden facades and 30 embellished in silver. Even the throne of Lord Ramlala will be covered in a silver layer, ensuring a breathtaking sight for devotees from a distance. The temple’s sanctum sanctorum is fully prepared, with 80% completion on the first floor. The much-anticipated moment of Lord Ramlala’s installation in the temple awaits.

Exquisite Woodwork from Maharashtra for the Temple Doors

To expedite the process of Lord Ramlala’s installation, workers tirelessly engage in construction day and night. The wood for the temple doors is sourced from Maharashtra, known for its exceptional durability. Prakash Gupta mentioned that the primary doors of the Ram Mandir will be gilded, with craftsmen from Delhi meticulously working on applying the golden layer.

Permanent Helipad: A Strategic Addition to the Temple Premises

In addition to the temple construction, a permanent helipad is being constructed within the temple premises. This initiative stems from the need to facilitate VVIP movements and ease the inconvenience faced by devotees during the influx of visitors. The decision to build a helipad within the Ram Janmabhoomi complex was made considering the daily movement of devotees and the challenges posed by the current helipad’s location near Ram Katha Park.

Currently, the helipad near the Ram Katha Park poses logistical challenges, necessitating road closures and increased security measures. To address these issues, the Trust and the administration decided to construct a permanent helipad within the Ram Mandir premises.

Prakash Gupta, the head of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, emphasized the vast expanse of the temple complex, spanning approximately 100 acres, and the need for a convenient helipad facility. He highlighted the utility of such facilities during festivals like Deepotsav, citing examples of helipads at Saket Mahavidyalaya and Ram Katha Park being used during the visits of dignitaries and the Chief Minister.

In conclusion, the Ram Mandir is not just a symbol of religious significance but also an architectural marvel with intricate details and thoughtful additions to enhance the overall experience for devotees and visitors alike. As the countdown to the inauguration continues, the world eagerly awaits the grand unveiling of this cultural and spiritual masterpiece in Ayodhya.

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