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PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023

PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023

Introducing the PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023

The Union Cabinet has given its nod to a groundbreaking initiative the Central Sector Scheme “PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023.” With a robust financial allocation of Rs. 13,000 crores for the next five years (FY 2023-24 to FY 2027-28), this scheme stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to uplifting rural and urban artisans and craftspeople.

Andhra Pradesh PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Arunachal Pradesh PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Assam PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Bihar PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Chhattisgarh PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Goa PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Gujarat PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Haryana PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Himachal Pradesh PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Jharkhand PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Karnataka PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Kerala PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Madhya Pradesh PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Maharashtra PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Manipur PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Meghalaya PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Mizoram PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Nagaland PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Odisha PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Punjab PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Rajasthan PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Sikkim PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Tamil Nadu PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Telangana PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Tripura PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Uttar Pradesh PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
Uttarakhand PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023
West Bengal PM Vishwakarma Scheme 2023

Fostering the Guru-Shishya Tradition

Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has sanctioned the PM Vishwakarma Scheme. This scheme is a dedicated endeavor to nurture the sacred Guru-Shishya parampara, where traditional skills are passed down from master artisans to their apprentices. In a world rapidly adopting modern practices, this initiative strives to uphold the artistry of those who work with their hands and tools.

Elevating Artisans, Enhancing Quality

One of the scheme’s core objectives is to elevate the status of artisans and craftspeople across India. By awarding them the prestigious PM Vishwakarma certificate and an accompanying ID card, the government recognizes and honors their invaluable contributions. But it doesn’t stop there; the scheme also provides essential financial aid to these skilled individuals.

Financial Support and Skill Enhancement

Through the PM Vishwakarma Scheme, artisans and craftspeople can access Credit Support of up to Rs. 1 lakh (First Tranche) and Rs. 2 lakh (Second Tranche). These funds come with a favorable interest rate of 5%, making it easier for them to invest in their craft. Additionally, the scheme promotes continuous growth by offering Skill Upgradation opportunities and Toolkit Incentives.

Promoting Digital Transactions and Marketing

In line with India’s digital evolution, the scheme offers incentives for artisans and craftspeople to embrace digital transactions. This not only simplifies their business operations but also connects them to a broader consumer base. Furthermore, the scheme extends Marketing Support, which opens doors to wider markets, both domestically and internationally.

A Comprehensive Initiative

The PM Vishwakarma Scheme is a comprehensive effort that extends its benefits to both rural and urban artisans. This inclusivity reflects the government’s commitment to preserving India’s cultural diversity and heritage. In its initial phase, the scheme will encompass eighteen traditional trades, ensuring that a wide spectrum of craftspeople reaps its rewards.

Encompassing Traditional Trades

The first batch of trades covered under the PM Vishwakarma Scheme includes:

  1. Carpenter (Suthar)
  2. Boat Maker
  3. Armourer
  4. Blacksmith (Lohar)
  5. Hammer and Tool Kit Maker
  6. Locksmith
  7. Goldsmith (Sonar)
  8. Potter (Kumhaar)
  9. Sculptor (Moortikar, stone carver), Stone breaker
  10. Cobbler (Charmkar)/Shoesmith/Footwear artisan
  11. Mason (Rajmistri)
  12. Basket/Mat/Broom Maker/Coir Weaver
  13. Doll & Toy Maker (Traditional)
  14. Barber (Naai)
  15. Garland maker (Malakaar)
  16. Washerman (Dhobi)
  17. Tailor (Darzi)
  18. Fishing Net Maker

This impressive array of trades encompasses the diverse skills that have been an intrinsic part of India’s social fabric for generations.

A Bright Future for Artisans

The launch of the PM Vishwakarma Scheme stands as a beacon of hope for artisans and craftspeople, both young and seasoned. With its multi-faceted approach and generous financial provisions, this initiative ensures that the legacy of traditional skills remains vibrant and continues to thrive in the modern world. As these artisans find renewed support and recognition, India’s cultural heritage takes another step towards a brighter future.

Training and Skill Enhancement: Equipping Artisans for Success

In a monumental stride towards empowering traditional artisans, the PM Vishwakarma Scheme offers an invaluable opportunity for skill enhancement. Craftsmen and craftswomen engaged in various trades such as carpentry, tailoring, basket weaving, barbering, goldsmithing, blacksmithing, pottery, confectionery, cobbling, and more, will be able to participate in a comprehensive 6-day training program. Tailored to the specific needs of each trade, this training will provide artisans with advanced techniques and knowledge, elevating their expertise to new heights.

Financial Support: Fueling Dreams and Ambitions

Beyond just skill development, the scheme extends a helping hand in the form of substantial financial assistance. Ranging from Rs 10,000 to an impressive Rs 10 lakh, this monetary aid is a game-changer for beneficiaries. It serves as the much-needed impetus to kickstart their endeavors and expand their businesses. This financial backing translates into tangible growth opportunities, ultimately leading to enhanced livelihoods for the artisans.

Creating Pathways for Employment: Nurturing Economic Growth

The PM Vishwakarma Scheme isn’t just about enhancing skills and providing financial aid; it’s a catalyst for creating meaningful employment opportunities. The scheme has set its sights on generating employment avenues for approximately 15,000 individuals every year. By doing so, it contributes significantly to fostering economic growth and stability within the traditional artisan community.

Seamless Online Application Process: Embracing Technology for Accessibility

Aspiring beneficiaries will find accessing the PM Vishwakarma Scheme a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly online application process. This streamlined approach ensures that deserving candidates can easily apply and avail themselves of the scheme’s wide-ranging benefits. By embracing technology, the scheme guarantees accessibility and inclusivity, making sure that no talented artisan is left behind.

Holistic Cost Coverage: Enabling Quality Training Without Financial Worries

A distinguishing feature of the Vishwakarma Scheme is its holistic approach to cost coverage. The state government shoulders the responsibility of covering the entire cost of the various training programs offered under the scheme. This financial burden-free approach ensures that artisans can undergo high-quality training without any worries about expenses. As a result, artisans can focus solely on enhancing their skills and igniting their creative potential.

Paving the Path to Artisanal Excellence

In a nation where tradition and craftsmanship are revered, the PM Vishwakarma Scheme emerges as a beacon of hope and progress for traditional artisans. By fostering skill enhancement, providing financial support, creating employment avenues, and ensuring accessible application processes, the scheme paves a path for artisans to achieve excellence in their crafts. As these artisans thrive and contribute to the nation’s cultural and economic tapestry, the scheme stands as a testament to India’s unwavering commitment to its rich heritage.

Creating a Holistic Support Ecosystem

The Vishwakarma Yojana’s vision encompasses a comprehensive support ecosystem for traditional artisans. It embraces various facets, including:

  • Liberal Loan Terms: Simplifying artisans’ access to loans.
  • Skill Upgradation: Equipping artisans with advanced techniques and knowledge.
  • Toolkit Incentive: Facilitating the procurement of modern tools.
  • Digital Transaction Incentives: Encouraging artisans to embrace digital transactions.
  • Marketing Support: Assisting artisans in effectively showcasing their crafts.

Anticipating Transformational Impact

Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw projects that approximately 30 lakh families will benefit from the Vishwakarma Yojana. This expansive initiative is poised to uplift traditional artisans, elevating their socio-economic status while safeguarding India’s diverse cultural tapestry.

Seamless Registration for Widespread Reach

To ensure broad participation, the government has designated common service centers in villages as registration points for the scheme. This user-friendly approach underscores the commitment to inclusivity, allowing artisans from all corners of the nation to seamlessly join this transformative journey.

Central Government Funding and State Collaboration

The financial backbone of the Vishwakarma Yojana is rooted in central government support. While the scheme’s foundation rests on central backing, effective implementation hinges on the collaborative efforts of state governments.

Preserving Traditions, Igniting Futures

The Vishwakarma Yojana encapsulates the essence of preserving heritage while embracing progress. As it empowers artisans, extends financial aid, and ushers in a new era of skill enhancement, this visionary scheme not only elevates artisans but also enriches the cultural mosaic of India.

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