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The Awaited “Dunki” Movie: OTT Release Confirmed on JIO Cinema

The Awaited “Dunki” Movie: OTT Release Confirmed on JIO Cinema


The highly anticipated movie The Awaited “Dunki” Movie: OTT Release Confirmed on JIO Cinema, featuring the iconic Shahrukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu and directed by the renowned Rajkumar Hirani, made its theatrical debut on December 21, 2023. Despite a simultaneous release with Prabhas’s “Salaar,” both films have garnered positive responses and are thriving at the box office. Now, the focus has shifted to the digital release of “Dunki,” leaving fans eager to know when and where they can stream this blockbuster.

OTT Release Details

Speculations Surrounding Jio Cinema

Recent reports suggest that Jio Cinema has successfully acquired the digital streaming rights for “Dunki,” marking a significant move in the entertainment industry. While the rumored deal is valued at Rs. 155 crores, it’s essential to note that Jio Cinema is yet to provide official confirmation.

Anticipated Release Date

If the speculations hold true, viewers can expect “Dunki” to grace the Jio Cinema platform approximately two months after its theatrical release. This shift to digital platforms post-theatrical release has become a trend, allowing audiences to enjoy the cinematic experience from the comfort of their homes.

High-Value Deal for Digital Streaming Rights

Reports indicate that the digital streaming and satellite broadcasting rights for “Dunki” have been collectively sold for an impressive Rs 230 crores. This underscores the film’s content’s high demand and value, showcasing the dynamic nature of the entertainment industry.

Fans’ Anticipation

While reports circulate about the Jio Cinema release, official confirmation is still pending. However, these speculations have only heightened fans’ excitement. In today’s entertainment landscape, securing OTT rights plays a crucial role post-theatrical release, aligning with evolving distribution models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When was “Dunki” theatrically released?

A1: “Dunki” premiered in theaters on December 21, 2023.

Q2: Which OTT platform has reportedly acquired the digital streaming rights?

A2: Jio Cinema is rumored to have acquired the digital streaming rights for “Dunki.”

Q3: What is the expected time gap between theatrical and OTT release?

A3: If speculations are accurate, “Dunki” might be available on Jio Cinema approximately two months after its theatrical release.

Stay tuned for official confirmation and exciting updates regarding the digital release of “Dunki”!

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