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Influential Statements in Bollywood by Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Influential Statements in Bollywood by Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the director of “Animal,” has sparked considerable discussion in Bollywood with his recent comments. The film “Animal” achieved significant success, cementing Sandeep Vanga’s position in the industry. However, his comments on the film’s reviews have become a topic of discussion in Bollywood. Celebrities are expressing their opinions, and prominent writer Javed Akhtar indirectly criticized the portrayal of characters in the film. Such films have been controversial. Sandeep’s recent interview with an English media outlet has garnered attention. “There are many nuanced aspects in the ‘Mirzapur’ series. Farhan Akhtar, who produced the film, should advise Javed Kumar. They contain offensive language prevalent worldwide. I haven’t fully watched them. The scenes shown in the trailers evoke a certain feeling,” he replied bluntly. Presently, these comments are becoming a hot topic of debate in Bollywood.

Sandeep: Please Don’t Give Me a Chance in Your Films: Kangana Ranaut

In the same interview, Sandeep Vanga discussed Kangana Ranaut, saying, “If she gives a negative review of my ‘Animal,’ it’s no loss to me. I am unaffected by films that she has starred in. If she performs a role that suits her in any movie, I will be interested in the story. I liked her role in ‘Queen’ a lot. She lived the character well.” To this, Kangana retorted, “There’s a big difference between reviewing a movie and acting in it. You laughed while talking about my review of ‘Animal.’ It might be a matter of pride for you. But don’t offer me any roles in your movies. If you do, your male heroes will end up becoming feminists. That would be perilous for you. Work in the film industry responsibly.”

I Haven’t Spoken About Sandeep’s Films: Kiran Rao, Former Wife of Aamir Khan

Reacting to Sandeep’s comments, Kiran Rao, former wife of Aamir Khan, said, “I haven’t specifically spoken about Sandeep’s films. In some movies, he portrays women in a derogatory manner. I have voiced this concern on several platforms. I don’t understand why he assumes I’m talking about his films. I urge him to focus on the subject at hand.”

In conclusion, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s recent remarks have sparked intense discussions within Bollywood circles, with various industry figures sharing their perspectives on his statements.

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