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Telangana Elections 2023 Voter Strength Soars to 3.17 Crore

Telangana Elections 2023 Voter Strength Soars to 3.17 Crore

Telangana Assembly elections, Telangana Elections 2023: Voter Strength Soars to 3.17 Crore the state’s voter base has witnessed a substantial surge, now totaling a formidable 3.17 crore. This surge reflects a significant rise of 17.42 lakh voters, marking a 5.8 percent increase compared to the voter count reported in the special summary revision conducted earlier this year on January 5. With both male and female voters contributing equally, each group accounting for 1.58 crore voters, the electoral landscape is poised for a dynamic contest.

  • Telangana Assembly Elections in 2023.
  • As of the report, the total number of voters in Telangana stands at 3 crore 17 lakh 17 thousand 389.
  • This number represents a 5.8 percent increase in the number of voters compared to January of the same year.
  • The voters are categorized into three groups: male voters (1,58,71,493), female voters (1,58,43,339), and transgender voters (2,557).
  • The article also mentions that on September 28th, there were 17,01,087 new voters added to the list.
  • It highlights that 8,11,640 voters fall in the age group of 18-19 years, with an increase of 5,32,990 since January 5, 2023.
  • The report notes that voters with discrepancies or changes in their details have been removed from the list.
  • Additionally, it mentions that 6,10,694 voters have been removed due to their demise.
  • A significant number of voters (5,80,208) have had changes made to their residential addresses.
  • The article provides insights into the changes and updates in the voter list for the upcoming Telangana Assembly Elections.

Boost in Young Voters

One notable trend is the remarkable boost in the 18-19 age group, which now boasts an impressive 8.11 lakh voters. This figure is an astounding 5.32 lakh more than the nearly 2.8 lakh registered during the special summary revision in January. The youthful enthusiasm for participation in the democratic process is evident and could have a significant impact on the upcoming elections.

Inclusivity in the Electoral Roll

The Election Commission of India, in its final list of electors for the state, has taken steps to ensure inclusivity. This effort includes 2,557 voters identifying as the third gender, as well as 15,338 service electors and 2,780 overseas electors. Moreover, the electoral roll encompasses 4.43 lakh voters above the age of 80 and 5.06 lakh electors with disabilities. These measures signify a commitment to making the electoral process accessible to all segments of society.

Streamlined Roll Revision

The final electoral roll has been meticulously compiled following applications received until September 19 and the resolution of claims and objections until September 28. During this process, 17.01 lakh new voters were successfully added, while 6.1 lakh votes were deleted, and corrections were made for 5.8 lakh voters. This comprehensive effort underscores the commitment of the Election Commission of India to maintain the integrity of the electoral roll.

Gender Balance and Age Group Dynamics

The Election Commission also reported an improved gender balance in the electoral roll, with the ratio of female voters to male voters rising from 992 in the previous summary revision to 998. Similarly, the gender ratio in the 18 to 19 age group has risen from 707 to 743. These developments reflect an ongoing commitment to achieving gender parity and ensuring representation across all age groups.

Continuous Roll Updation

While the final electoral roll has been published, the process of continuous roll updation remains a priority. Eligible individuals who missed the earlier enrollment window are encouraged to apply for inclusion in the roll. Additionally, all citizens are urged to review their enrollment details, including their assigned polling station, by visiting or using the Voter Helpline App (VHA).

Rigorous Purification Efforts

Over the past two years, rigorous efforts have been made to purify the electoral roll, resulting in the removal of 22,02,168 deceased, duplicate, and relocated voters, including 4.89 lakh from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and its surrounding areas. Furthermore, the names of 2.47 lakh deceased voters have been expunged from the electoral roll this year.

House-to-House Verifications and Corrections

House-to-house surveys and verifications were conducted in multiple rounds, leading to 14.24 lakh corrections of entries. This represents a substantial increase compared to the average of around 3 lakh corrections performed annually in previous years. House number corrections were carried out for 73,364 voters identified as having null or special characters in their house numbers.

Address Updates for Urban Residents

Urban areas saw significant in-migration and shifting. To ensure the comprehensive enrollment of urban residents, a campaign targeting 4,605 residential welfare associations (RWAs) was launched, aiming to register all eligible voters.

Pending Claims and Objections

The election authority is committed to addressing all pending claims and objections and encourages eligible voters who have not yet applied to do so using Form-6. Those who have shifted within or outside the constituency can submit Form-8. These applications can be filed up to 10 days before the deadline for filing nominations and can be submitted through, the Voter Helpline App (VHA), or by contacting the Booth Level Officer (BLO).

As Telangana gears up for the Assembly elections, these developments in the electoral landscape reflect a commitment to an inclusive and fair democratic process, ensuring that the voices of all eligible voters are heard and counted.

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